5 Simple and Classy Outfits to Wear on Valentine’s Date

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As we all know, Valentine’s Day is a few days away! You must be busy making plans for this special day, as you probably have Valentine’s Date planned for your partner. 

Valentine's Date Outfit Ideas

Don’t know what to wear on your Valentine’s date? Look no further, we’ve got you covered!

With our simple style guide, we have varieties of Valentine’s Day outfits for every occasion – whether you are planning on having an indoor date or outdoor date.

Most men will think that going out in style is not necessary, as the typical man will wear whatever he has in his wardrobe but we believe you’re not like most men – you are a stylish gentleman.

And as a stylish gentleman, you never want to go on a date underdressed. So, we came up with different outfit ideas to help you out. You can thank us later after reading this article. 🙂

Before you even think about color choices for your outfit, one of the most basic rules for Valentine’s date is … DRESS FOR THE OCCASION.

If it’s a dinner date or a movie date, you should be able to dress appropriately for the occasion, trust me, you don’t want to embarrass your date.

Imagine dressing in a sleek well-tailored 3 piece suit, crisp white shirt, a power tie and a Brown Magnanni Double Monk-Strap Shoe when the occasion is simply a Movie Date with your partner.

Again, imagine dressing in a classic Black Agbada attire with a Patent Black Pumps, just to see a movie with your partner.

Disastrous right? I’m glad you can relate…

With that being said, let’s move on to the main agenda for the day.


5 Simple and Classy Outfits to Wear on Valentine’s Date!


#1: What to wear to a Valentine movie date?

You still have to make an effort even though it’s a movie date, to look your best for this Valentine’s date, you should wear a very stylish t-shirt with a pair of jeans and converse.

You can also wear a pair of chinos with a button down shirt or collared polo shirt, a pair of converses and a bomber jacket to give you a minimalistic look.

Valentine's Date Outfit Ideas

Any of these three outfit style options above will make you look very relaxed and not overdressed. Formal clothes are a no, no for this type of date. It is best to keep it very simple.

#2: What to Wear For a Dinner Date!

Valentine's Date Outfit Ideas

For an evening meal, dressing up properly and formally is a MUST!

You don’t want to wear a T-shirt and a pair of jeans for a formal dinner date, don’t disappoint your date with this faux pas.

The perfect outfit for this date is a smart dress shirt with a suit, along with smart shoes such as an Oxford or Derby.  And don’t forget to wear a tie if you go for this formal look!

For a substitute, you can wear a pair of classy boots (e.g. Chelsea boots), formal coat suit jacket, blazers or sports coat, with a dress shirt and pants to maintain that gentleman business casual look.


#3 What to wear for Valentine’s Date at Home!

Valentine's Date Outfit Ideas


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This Valentine’s date doesn’t need too much since it’s an indoor date. But this doesn’t mean you should dress in rags or in your boxer briefs and singlet for the sake of comfort. NO!

Just because you’re not leaving the house doesn’t mean that you can look like a slob.

A simple but stylish outfit is the perfect fit for this occasion. You can impress your date with a simple pair of Blue Jeans or chinos in any shade and a nice Shirt as this will show that you’re making an effort to look good for her even in your humble abode.

Another great style option is denim on denim look. This is a smart way to look sophisticated even when you are dressed in a casual attire.

Valentine's Date Outfit Ideas

Shoes are optional, but if you want to wear one, you can wear a simple pair of loafers.


#4 What to wear for a Casual Date!

Valentine's Date Outfit Ideas

Depending on where you’re going, this outfit should be very simple. Here are a few options:

  • If you’re going to a bar or an eatery you could wear a t-shirt or a simple shirt with denim jeans just like the outfit in (3) above.
  • You can also go for a smart blazer jacket that would give a very casual look a smart casual look. You can opt for a plain bomber jacket such as a Harrington or leather jacket if you want to skip the blazer jacket.

Choose a matching belt and comfortable pair of shoes perhaps a pair of loafers or Brogues (in brown color or suede preferably to give the outfit a bit casual undertone). Converse or boots are also suitable footwear choices to complete the look.


#5 Valentine Weekend Getaway!

Valentine's Date Outfit Ideas



You want to treat your other half to a romantic Valentine getaway or it’s the other way around. Lucky you!

But of course, you will need to go in the appropriate outfit for the trip.

For your trip or the date, you should wear something comfortable and light since if the weather is very hot and if it the weather is cold, you should wear something to make you warm like a jacket/coat.

For your date night, you also need to pack the appropriate clothes like a blazer for a dinner date, a nice pair of chinos, or comfort-down with a nice pair of shoes.

Now we must warn you!

If you have booked a dinner reservation in a luxurious restaurant then you need to have an appropriate look – a luxurious look (from head to toe).

Valentine's Date Outfit Ideas

Otherwise, you can just pack only a few pair of shoes which are easy to maintain on your trips like a brogue, desert boots, and sandals.

An oxford shirt will go with any date planned for your getaway. Depending on your location, you should pack T-shirts and shorts with sandals for a sunny location. Are you thinking Dubai? Yeah! same here! 🙂


Other Tips to Remember!

After following the guidelines above, you shouldn’t forget to work on your appearance as well. Take a few minutes to go through our Pre-Date personal grooming checklist before heading out the door.

Girls will always notice the smallest details especially when it comes to what their date is wearing.

They will want to access and rate your look, therefore you should endeavor to look your best.

There are plenty of other small details which you need to remember like your accessories – cufflinks, pocket square, ties, and a classy wristwatch to go with your outfit choice.

It will be an embarrassment if you picked out the perfect clothing but neglected to work on your appearance- grooming. All your grooming routine should be taken care of, from having a shave or trimming your beards, to washing and cleaning your teeth, and smelling good.

And if you plan to end the night together, then you better hurry right now and check out our Below The Belt Grooming Guide for Men before it’s too late.

Final thoughts!

Whatever plans you have for your Valentine’s date, you should make sure that you look stylish whilst you’re doing it.

Trust me, your other half will be impressed. Whether you’re going on a dinner date or off on weekend getaway, you should always remember to look your best!

By following this guide, you will prepare ahead for your date and avoid any last minute dressing.

If you’re still not sure of your plans, you can never go wrong with a casual-smart blazer and a pair of jeans/chinos.

Going for a smart and casual look will have you covered for any Valentine’s date planned.

Make the whole day about her. Make this Valentine’s Day a day to remember – for all the right reasons.

Good luck and have fun on your date!

Happy Valentine!


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Yours in Style,

Kobi O. Mbagwu

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