Wedding Attire Guide for Men | Tuxedo

Men’s Wedding Attire Guide: How To Wear A Tuxedo For Your Wedding


Tuxedos are getting popular by the day as the wedding outfit choice for guys. On a regular basis, I receive emails from readers of MR KOACHMAN asking what color, style, and type of tuxedo they should wear for their wedding and how to accessorize the outfit.

Last night, I received an email via our recently launched Style Q/A platform ASK MR KOACHMAN, asking the same question; he wanted to know how to wear a tuxedo for his wedding. See email below:

Wedding Attire Guide Tuxedo

After I read through the email, I decided to write and share a wedding attire guide for the first time, and this time with a focus on Tuxedo. As always, we are here to guide you in the right direction when you are unsure of what to wear and how to wear it. So if you are also thinking of wearing a Tuxedo for your wedding, read this for a full Tuxedo style guide.

We all want our groom and groomsmen to show up with sartorial elegance on the wedding day. If you want to hire us as your stylist, please feel free to contact us or send us an email – services@mrkoachman.comWe can step in and elevate your look and that of your groomsmen and give you gents a suitably dapper and classic vibe for your big day. We look forward to hearing from you.

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  • Type: Go for something timeless, simple and tailored to fit.
  • Jacket Style: Could be double breasted or Single Breasted. The single breasted Tuxedo must have only 1 button. Don’t ever wear a 2 or 3 button tuxedo.
  • Pocket Style: Go for Jetted Pockets, they are more formal, and hence more suitable for tuxedos. Avoid the flap pocket style.
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Wedding Attire Guide Tuxedo

  • Lapel Style: Shawl or Peak Lapel. Never a Notch Lapel. For details on each lapel style check here.
  • Color: Keep it classic with the Black or Midnight Blue color. A cream-colored tuxedo can also be worn in warm weather.



Wedding Attire Guide | What To Wear With Your Tuxedo

  • Dress shirt (White only) with a pleat in front or pique front. The collar could be “wing collar” or the regular “turn-down” collar. It should also be a double cuff (French cuff).
  • Shoe: Polishable black dress shoe prefers. A black patent leather oxfords (plain or cap-toe), slip on or black pumps with a bow on the vamp (the upper front part of the shoe). Any other type of shoe would be too sporty for a tuxedo.

Wedding Attire Guide Tuxedo

  • Socks: Long Black socks so you don’t expose any calf when sitting down or walking.
  • Cufflinks is a must. Remember, your shirt has to be a double cuff shirt (French cuff)
  • Dress Watch – Go for a thin Dress Watch that will sit down on your sleeves comfortably. See below for ideas:

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  • Pocket square: Optional, but if you choose to use one, stick to the simple white handkerchief or white/black polka dot. The idea is to keep it simple.
  • Boutonniere: This is also optional even though it is one accessory you can use to separate the groom from the best man. Once you’ve decided to wear a boutonniere, you shouldn’t wear pocket square/handkerchief. They shouldn’t be worn simultaneously.
  • Bow Tie (not Neck Tie) – Black or Midnight blue made from same material as the jacket’s lapel. Don’t go for a pre-tied bow tie, opt for a real bow tie instead, if, for no other reason, it looks really cool when you undo it at the end of the night. See Idris Elba’s pix below:
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Wedding Attire Guide Tuxedo

  • Other Optional Accessories: Cummerbund, Suspenders (or Braces) and Waist Coat. But the rule says – Never wear a belt, even if hidden by a cummerbund. Instead, wear suspenders, preferably black, if you need to keep your trousers up. If you must wear a waistcoat with your single breasted tuxedo, go for the U-shaped type with straight bottom.



  • No belt.
  • No Necklace.
  • Bracelets are not necessary, but if you must, accessorize lightly. Wear a simple non-casual one. No Shamballa bracelets or nautical trend bracelets; Remember it’s a formal event.
  • Avoid wearing the colorful socks. Stick to the classic long black silk socks.

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Now that you’ve gotten a full list of what you should have to pull off a big entrance in your tuxedo, please ensure your tuxedo fits you well and looks sharp!

If you need any help with your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact us using the CONTACT FORM or via email at with the subject Wedding Styling Service.

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I wish you the best day ever.

Yours in Style,

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