A well-tied tie is the first serious step in life – Oscar Wilde

how to knot a tie


“Son, trust me, a dimpled tie will take you places in life”.

These were the words of my Dad to me many years ago as he taught me how to knot a tie. I didn’t understand what he meant then until my very first job interview, some years later.

On that day, I wore a simple crisp white shirt paired with a navy suit, a brown Oxford shoe and a red power tie which had a dimple touch to it. As the interview was about to start, the lead interviewer [who happened to be the Company CEO) noticed my neck tie and asked me Young man, I love your tie dimple – did you knot the tie yourself?

That single statement, [question, or should I call it “a compliment”] got me that job without too many questions on my technical abilities or prior job experience.

how to knot a tie


For those of you hearing about the Tie Dimple for the first time – It’s the little hollow beneath the knot of your tie. It’s that extra touch of elegance that should always be included when wearing a tie. It is the true test of every stylish gentleman in a suit and tieTo say the least, it’s what separates “the men” from “the gentlemen”.


Why don’t you step up your game by learning how to put a dimple in your tie. Here is a video by Gentleman’s Gazette that shows you exactly how to tie a tie knot with a dimple.


Now that you’ve learnt how to tie a dimple, let’s talk about different ways of tying a tie. From my experience styling male clients especially the working professionals, I’ve come to realize that many of them don’t have clues about ties and how to knot them. This guide below from is going to show you 7 Different Ways Of Tying A Tie.

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•How to Tie a Bow Tie•

how to knot a tie

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•How to Tie a Cross Knot•

how to knot a tie



•How to Tie a Four in Hand Knot•

how to knot a tie

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•How to Tie a Half Windsor Knot•

how to knot a tie



•How to Tie a Prince Albert Style•

how to knot a tie



•How to Tie a Small Knot Style•

how to knot a tie



•How to Tie a Windsor Knot•

how to knot a tie

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