Three Piece Suits: When and Where To Wear Them

A three piece suit can be worn for any occasion where you would normally wear a two piece suit. In addition to this, they can be worn for formal events. Today, let’s discuss when and where to wear three piece suits.

three piece suit

Before we talk about where and when to wear three piece suits, it’s important you first understand how to wear a three piece suit. Thank goodness! We’ve already covered this topic in a previous article, see it below.

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Have you read it yet? Ok great …

Now, I’m sure you’ve learned how to rock three piece suits with style. If you don’t have one in your suit collection yet, you should consider investing in at least one or two of this versatile and classic menswear piece.

And so, without further ado, let’s discuss when and where to wear three piece suits.




1. To A Wedding

three piece suits

The three piece suit is perfect for a wedding occasion [well, with the exception of a beach wedding]. For a guest, it’s the perfect way to dress up for a wedding – Simply ditch your formal shoes for nice dress loafers or classic pumps for that relaxed but smart look. Just remember not to dress in the same suit color as the groom or groomsmen.

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For the groom and best man, it’s the perfect wedding attire [a good alternative to the tuxedo]. Not all colors would work for a wedding, so we suggest you stick to the Navy, Blue, Ivory or White color – this color choice set is the best option for a wedding. It’s smart, clean and still formal. You could also throw in a different color of waistcoat if you like.


three piece suits

At the wedding reception, break up the pieces, ditch the jacket and hit the floor wearing only your waistcoat and your trouser.

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2. To The Office

If it’s acceptable in your workplace, you can wear a three piece suit to the office. Asides this, if you are a leader in your organization, you can adopt the three piece suit as your go-to-work style to cement your position as a true stylish boss or as a matter of your personal preference and style.

Also, keep it simple by matching all the pieces in the same color. This is not the best time to experiment with colors or the mixed three piece suit styles, and don’t add too many accessories. The three piece suit is already going to create a bold look.

Good suit colors to start with include Navy, Blue, Medium Gray, Light Gray and Charcoal Gray – much later you can introduce patterns. While you are at it, don’t forget the rules for matching your shoes to your suits – they still apply.

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3. To the Interview, but only on one condition…


Do not wear a three piece suit when attending a job interview especially if it’s for a junior role. That would be a little too much. Stick to your classic 2 piece navy or charcoal gray suit, white shirt and nice power tie. That’s enough to make a great statement.

However, if you are higher up on the corporate ladder and interviewing for a senior management or executive position, then wearing a three piece suit is a sure way to make a great first impression as a true boss.

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4. To some high profile social occasions

As we already know, a three piece suit is a formal outfit, hence it can be worn at any other social events or occasions that require you to dress smart and elegant.

This includes horse races, the theater or opera, seminars, executive meetings, business dinner, press conferences and networking events.

On the other hand, you shouldn’t wear a three piece suit to social events such as birthday parties, send forth parties etc.

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5. When the weather is cold and you have to wear a suit

three piece suits

Finally, here is another good time to wear a three piece suit.

During cold weather conditions such as in the winter, you can wear your three piece suit for that extra warmth the waistcoat provides.

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Hopefully, this article has opened your eyes to the standard three piece suits etiquette – how to wear and when to wear them. If this information was helpful to you and you enjoyed reading this article, please feel free to like, share and leave a comment down below. For other related suit style tips and articles, click here.

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Until next time, continue to do well live well and dress really well. Be Classy.

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