perfect gift for her

Is her special day around the corner? Perhaps it’s her birthday. If so, then it means that you have probably started thinking about the perfect gift to get for her by now.

You might have some questions like Does my girlfriend or wife always expect expensive gifts? Does the gift depend on the length of my relationship with her? Do I decide on what to get for her based on the cost of the gift item or by how much I love, adore and cherish her?

If you’ve been asking these questions or you are having trouble picking the perfect present for that special lady of yours, worry no more my friend. Check out my list of Top 10 Gifts For Her, that will always appreciate and make your selection as you show her how much you love and care about her.

Personally, I suggest you choose 2 or 3 out of the 10 gift items listed in the right combination as a gift to your lady as you plan for her big day.


Gifts with more thought behind them are for sure better than some flowers that are going to wither in one week. For many women, WORDS speak louder than ACTIONS. Hence a simple “I LOVE YOU” would certainly do more wonders than keeping mute and delivering the latest model of a brand new Mercedes-Benz C Class to her as a gift on Birthday (see pix below). I know a lot of you ladies would agree with me on this. Hey Ladies! Waive if you agree that a guy reassuring you of his love for you is far much better than a cool ride as gift. Okay, I see lots of hands going up…Cool! Cool!

perfect gift for her

2015 Mercedes Benz C Class versus “I LOVE YOU” as gift

perfect gift for her

2015 Mercedes Benz C Class Interior

Yeah, guys! you see….a lot of ladies just waived their hands ….words are so powerful! Ok for guys who are already nodding their heads in acceptance, I’m Just Kidding! It’s the other way round, a brand new Mercedes Benz C Class without a sweet “I loye you boo” statement to back it up, would likely be accepted than you saying to her “I  love you so much boo and could die for you time and time again just to prove this to you ” without a Mercedes Benz to back it up. Got it? Alright!

But seriously, here is my point…

When getting a card for her, don’t just deliver it with only the customized wordings on the card, take out a few minutes of your time to think and put down actual words explaining how much you love her, why you love her and how she makes you happy. While you are at it, ensure you find a perfect tangible gift to go with the Card.

When getting a card for her, don’t just deliver it with only the customized wordings on the card, take out a few minutes of your time to think and put down actual words explaining how much you love her, why you love her and how she makes you happy. While you are at it, ensure you find a perfect tangible gift to go with the Card.

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Without wasting further time, here are my top 10 list of gift items you can get for your woman for her special day. Enjoy!


perfect gift for her


They say “9 out of 10 people like chocolate, the 10th person always lies”. Funny but True. Chocolate is no doubt a perfect gift for your partner on her special day (Birthday or Valentine). It is the surest way to get your partner in a good mood, it contains phenylethylamine (PEA) and serotonin, natural feel-good substances which is believed to evoke the same reaction in the body as falling in love. Make her day extra special and scrumptious, by trying out a seductive chocolate eating experience with your partner.

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perfect gift for her

It can be difficult to choose the right gift to say I Love You, but a richly baked delicious cake delivery is a great way to tell your partner just how much you care about her. Show your loved one how sweet you are with a sweet chocolate cake delivery packaged in an elegant gift box.

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perfect gift for her

When it comes to Birthdays or Valentine’s Day, sometimes the classic gifts are the best. On her big day, more than any other day of the year, what you give to your partner should be nothing short of perfect. Jewelry makes a wonderful gift idea for the lovely lady in your life, after all diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right?

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perfect gift for her

Every woman loves a good handbag. Maria Sharapova the Russian professional tennis player once said “I want my handbags and my shoes to be stylish but I want to make sure that they’re versatile. I travel and I have to make sure the pieces I put in to my bag can go with a dress or with shorts or jeans.” Well said, women love nice handbags and always likes to match it with shoes. This brings us to the next Gift Item on the list (SHOES).

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perfect gift for her

New shoes is the best way to brighten a dull day. There is an element of seduction in shoes that doesn’t exist for men. A woman can be sexy, charming, witty or shy with her shoes – Christian Louboutin. Give your sweetheart a sexy shoe that will finish off any sexy outfit of hers.

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perfect gift for her

Lingerie sets the mood for the day. According to Alice Temperly – “Lingerie is my next love after clothing; I think it is what is worn underneath that really inspires a woman to feel beautiful in her clothes – that inner, secret glamour”. Surprise your better half with sexy designer lingerie as gift, you just can’t go wrong with this – it’s both sweet and sexy and if I may add, em..mmh…sets the mood for some fun if you know what I mean clears throat

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Why do women love perfume so much? This is because she loves to smell great and she likes the attention she receives when wearing her favorite perfume. The feeling created by a woman wearing a nice perfume is soothing, subtle, and romantic. Whether you are shopping for a woman you recently started dating or someone you’ve known for years, a nice perfume is a great gift for her. Check here to check out KOBI KOACHMAN STORE for list of perfumes.

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perfect gift for her

Handling out gift card to the love of your life on her big day is a brilliant idea. She can use this and enjoy a whole day of shopping experience or makeover session depending on the Gift Card type. You could purchase a gift card and fund with specific amount from available retailers such as boutiques who sell nice fashionable items or from a Beauty Palour.

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Pamper your beloved with a special pampering package which includes full body massage, skin care, body care, facial treatment, nail care and more. You can also walk in with your partner and enjoy the pampering session together as a couple while spending some quality time together. Click here to see available SPA & Fitness deals in Nigeria.

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perfect gift for her

When it comes to Birthday or Valentine, great things come in romantic getaway packages. A romantic getaway might be just the best thing you need. Leave behind your home and enjoy a romantic birthday weekend getaway with your hubby and experience unforgettable fun moments with incredible romantic packages that are worth every ounce of love.

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Just so you know, no gift item could replace the gift of time shared with your loved ones. So I will advise you to mark it down on your calendar right now and plan ahead how you can spend quality time with your lady on her special day. While you are at it, don’t forget to add two or three of these gifts listed above. 🙂

Just so you know KOBI KOACHMAN FASHION offers Personal Shopping Service, so if you would need help getting any of these gift items across to your man on his big day, please contact us via email : and we’ll make it happen for you.

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From Birthdays to Weddings to Individual/Corporate Styling – we help you find the perfect gift whatever the occasion. All gift orders are delivered in KOBI KOACHMAN signature packaging. If you are also looking for a special gift idea for a friend, colleague or relative, how about giving a gift voucher for our image consulting services? -We offer gift card either for 1 or more specific services listed such as wardrobe upgrade, bespoke service or personal shopping or for a specified amount.

Please feel free to drop your comments and contributions on the comment section below and share your thoughts as well. Ladies, please let us know if you agree with this list.

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Thank you so much for stopping by. Till you hear from me again, Be Stylish!

Yours in Style,

Kobi O. Mbagwu (Mr. Kobi)
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  1. Personally not a cake person but the list is a good guide. Will like to add that the bottom line is if your gifts reflects that you know your woman and what makes her happy and excited then no matter what gift you decide to get you can never go wrong. So first guide to getting a gift is “KNOW YOUR WOMAN!!!”

  2. I really agree with the part of writing something nice in a card and not handing an empty card to your WOMAN. Secondly, “I LOVE U” can do a whole lot of magic trust me with a lil som som….lol.
    Beautiful write up Kobi.

    • Thanks Bubu! O really! Thanks for educating us all. Didn’t know some ladies would prefer the magic words “I LOVE YOU” over a magic brand new Benz. Niceee… **winks**

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  6. Thanks for the guide on this, but it won’t make the mistake of buying shoes and bags. It’s either she says you have paid three times the normal price or the quality they gave you is not the ….nal one.