Ultimate Guide To Men’s Native Wears | Styles Rules, What To Wear etc

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Today we have all manner of foot wears available for us to choose from namely loafers, boat shoes, moccasin, boots, dress shoes etc.

The negative side to this is that the Foot Wear brands do not give advice on what clothes are appropriate for certain kind of shoes they make.



#3. Avoid wearing your simple native wears with dress shoes or any other form of Lace-Ups Men’s Shoes.

native wears

#4.  Avoid wearing socks with your shoes when wearing native wears, there is no excuse for this even if you live in Antarctica or Iceland.

Some people might be wondering, how are they going to survive all the sweat, stink and perspiration without socks. I would say go for “Half Socks” [NOT Ankle Socks]. There are several no-show socks brand in the fashion market that place a big emphasis on comfort and style. Find them and buy if you must wear socks.

native wears

NOT ACCEPTABLE when wearing native wear


native wears

Native Wear and Half Socks is acceptable, so as long as we don’t see the socks (Well Don’t Mind This Shoe)

#5.  Avoid wearing your formal native wears with Canvas shoes, running/Sports shoes for men, no matter the type. The only exception is when you are pairing your native wear top with a casual trousers/pants.

native wears

Sports Shoes is not acceptable with native wears

#6.  Avoid wearing native wears with Leather Slippers for special occasions or events such as Wedding, Cocktail Parties, Grand occasions etc.

But you can wear this if it’s for a simple look or casual business or when hanging out for a drink or any other leisure activities, just make sure you are wearing a classic one.

native wears

Don’t Wear these kinds of Slippers with Natives for an occasion such as wedding, event etc

native wears

Mr. Noble Igwe dressed on simple native with Slippers for a simple business casual look

#7.  Avoid wearing native wears with Rubber Flip Flops or any form of bathroom slippers.

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Even in an emergency situation…I don’t care if you are rushing out of the house, or just taking a walk down the street, simply change to Shorts and Tees if you must wear the rubber flip flop in an emergency.

native wears

NOT ACCEPTABLE – These are meant for the bathroom…Nothing more to say



#8.  Avoid wearing native wears with sports wrist watch

The same way a sports wrist watches should never be worn with a suit, a sports watches should never be worn with a native wear attire. Try to avoid making this fashion faux-pas.

native wears

Sports Wrist Watches are not acceptable on Native wears, it should be left for Sports Events

#9. Avoid wearing native wears with belts.

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to match your shoe and belt color, the rule just doesn’t apply here. The trousers are supposed to fit your exact waist size or made with an adjustable strap on the side.

native wears

Belt is not acceptable when it comes to native wears

Let’s look at what to wear with native wears and traditional attires…


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