5 Ways You Can Improve Your Fitness in Less Than 20 Minutes

“A fit, healthy body—that is the best fashion statement” 
― Jess C. Scott

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Improve Your Fitness

Fitness is very important!

I’m sure we are all aware of the importance of being fit. However, finding time to improve our fitness always poses an enormous challenge most of the time.

We understand that sometimes the responsibilities at work and home would fill your day, sparing no time for yourself, let alone going to the gym for a full workout session.

But if I’m being honest, that’s not a valid excuse. The truth is – even with busy work and personal lives it’s still very important to maintain a healthy balance. And, exercise is a fundamental requirement for staying fit. In fact, not engaging in exercises and workout sessions frequently, [at least once every week] can have an adverse impact on your health in the long run.


So the question of the day is – Can a shorter exercise schedule have health benefits? 

Yep!!! Just 20 minutes of exercise per day can help you to stay fit and have a healthy body. It will also help you to lose your body fat more effectively and efficiently if your goal is to shed off some weight.

Let us get started with the ways you can improve your fitness and health capacity in 20minutes or less!


5 Ways You Can Improve Your Fitness in Less Than 20 Minutes


#1: Bike-Riding (Indoor Cycling)

 Improve your fitness mr koachman


You’ve probably heard it called “spinning” but the general term is bike-riding or simply “indoor cycling”. The bike ride is an example of a low impact cardio exercise that would warm your muscular activity along with the rise in the heart rate.


Riding a bike for 20 minutes at 10 MPH will help you lose up to 90 calories. Keeping the same time and increasing the duration up to 3 days will make your burn 270 calories.



#2: Body Building Activities in Less than 20 minutes

Improve your fitness mr koachman


Body Building is mainly done so that you can increase your strength and stamina. If you are performing these activities, then you can target a whole package of body parts. These include legs, hands, chest, backs, arms, and shoulders as well.

These activities don’t require any particular space or extra time and are certainly easy ways to improve your fitness. While you are at it, don’t forget to drink enough water as it helps prevent dehydration.

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#3: The 20-minute exercises for Abs

Improve your fitness mr koachman


The 20-minute exercises for Abs also assist in the overall development of the fitness and health along with wellness. If you go for such exercises, then you will enhance and improve your overall fitness level.

The 20-minute abs exercises do target the different portion of the abdominal tissues and muscles. These tissues include the obliques along with lower and transverse abs. Here is a quick guide from LeanItUp.com. Try to keep rest between 30-60 seconds between sets. It’s an extremely difficult ab workout, do your best to get through as much of it as possible.

Improve your fitness mr koachman



#4: Pilates Exercise for 15 Minutes


Improve your fitness mr koachman


Pilates is a way for improving your flexibility and core strength. You can only pull out your Gym Mat and get ready for the movements that will strengthen and stabilize your ligaments to the core.


According to Brooke Siler, certified Pilates instructor and author of The Pilates Body -“When you sit for extended periods of time, your hips and torso get locked into one position, which causes tension”.

You need to take your time while you are getting prepared for the Pilates. The 20-minute timeframe required for the poses that you will perform for Pilates is more than enough to train and maintain your health to the core.



#5: The 10 Minute HIIT Workout



A regular exercise to 10-minute “High-Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT) would allow you to sweat more and little time to rest. After one iteration is completed, you will get some sleep, and then again the process starts.  It will make you sweat you and lose your body fat like never before.

The HIIT workout process consists of boxing and some cardio activities as well. Once you get mastered in this 10-minute session, after some time, you can stretch this up to 20-minutes and more. But make sure that you don’t extend too much extent. In that case, you can suffer from strained ligament.

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These are just a few exercises that don’t require extra time and special space to perform. An extra 20 minute for these exercises can add something extra to both your strength and stability and in turn, will improve your fitness. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but it WILL pay off soon, and it WILL be worth it. Try these and experience the difference yourself.

Thank you so much for stopping by. Until next time gentleman, Stay Fit and Stay Classy!


Yours in Style,

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