Proper Telephone Etiquette Every True Gentleman Should Know

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Proper telephone etiquette is extremely important. The impression you make via the telephone will last, whether you are making the call or receiving calls. If you want that perception to be a positive one, here are some helpful hints that will help to make your phone conversations more effective.

Over the weekend, I met with Tobi, my fellow bearded friend at Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel, Victoria Island.

We sat by the poolside of the hotel, enjoying the feeling of cool breeze caressing our bearded cheeks, as we sipped our favorite cocktail – while engaging in a deep conversation about fashion, technology, and entrepreneurship.

Suddenly, our conversation was interrupted by a loud voice we heard behind us. We both looked and saw this gentleman dressed in stonewashed blue jeans and a denim top.

He had just walked in through the door leading to the outer section of the Hotel; close to the pool where we sat.

He was talking loudly on the phone, and we could hear every bit of his conversation – [and we weren’t even eavesdropping on him!]

At first, I wondered – Is he shouting ‘cos he’s angry at the person he’s talking to?

It didn’t seem so because he was smiling and looked calm as he continued raising his voice, obviously enjoying his loud conversation.

“Why do people feel the need to shout into their phones?” I asked

“I’m shocked as you bruv … this man lacks proper phone etiquette”. Tobi responded.

It then occurred to me that I had never talked about this topic here on MR KOACHMAN before. This is the main reason why I’m sharing this piece with you today.

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You will all agree with me that a great deal of conversation we have these days is mostly over the phone and seriously, the impression you make via telephone will last

A pleasant and good telephone manner can do a lot for you. It can help seal a business deal, make people recognize you as a professional. Here are a few tips to help you make a good impression on the phone when speaking with people:

We will look at a few tips that can help you make a good impression on the phone when speaking with people:

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Let’s look at the Most Important Rules of Proper Telephone Etiquette… when making a call and when receiving a call…

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