1-2 Weeks to Go? Here is your Last-Minute Pre-Wedding Checklist

Your Last-Minute Wedding Checklist. This two-week pre-wedding checklist is the main guide you will use for the Final Countdown to the big day!

Pre wedding checklist Pre-wedding checklist

You’ve managed to ask that special someone to be your partner for the rest of your life. Congratulations … the tough part is over. Now it’s time to get yourself prepared for your big day – The Wedding Day.

Let’s say you have 1 to 2 weeks to your big day and you still don’t have a coordinated checklist or items you need to check off your to-do list before the wedding day, then this information is for you.

I’ve been there before – the last 14 days leading up to your wedding day can seem stressful for many. So I just wanted to quickly put up a pre-wedding checklist to help you sail through these last few weeks with ease. Consider this as a To-Do list that will guide you [and your men] with your planning process as your wedding day approaches.

In this piece, I will also be highlighting the basic items every one of you (the groom, best man, and groomsmen) should bring on the day of the wedding.


Note: If you need a comprehensive list of responsibilities for the groom or the best man, we’ve covered it here already. Check it out below:

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Pre-Wedding Checklist for the Groom, Best Man, and Groomsmen


What To Do (Groom’s Responsibility):

🔲 Set up a group chat on a messaging service like WhatsApp. This will help with proper coordination, updates, and discussions. Communicate your plan frequently in the same group chat as you proceed, and request for whatever information you need from anyone.

🔲 Provide your groomsmen, relatives and out-of-town guests with the itinerary. Give them clear direction/maps to the venue for both the wedding service and wedding reception. If there is a hotel reservation plan also communicate the details.

🔲 Shop and pack for your wedding night and honeymoon. If you’re going on a honeymoon directly after your wedding, do shopping for your travel needs and pack them away.

🔲 Pick up the wedding dress for your bride: And make sure all accessories are complete.

🔲 Reconfirm all wedding plans: ceremony, reception venue, MC, stylist, photographer, videographer, musicians, band, DJ, baker, event decorator and any other vendor.

🔲 Prepare payment envelopes. Put exactly the amount meant for each person in a clearly marked envelope so it’s easy to give out that day.

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🔲 Work with your best man to create assignment lists. Hand out this checklist to ensure everyone knows their tasks and what to bring to the wedding.



A. For Everyone one of you

🔲 Suit. White Shirt. Tie and Shoe –  If you don’t have these 4 items by now, then you are not ready.

🔲 Boutonniere – For the Groom. A must!!! Note the 3 exclamation marks. A white rose boutonniere with gold finishing isn’t a bad idea.

🔲 Antiperspirant – controls underarm odor and prevents sweating. Avoid deodorant, as this will only fight odor but won’t prevent underarm wetness.

🔲 Perfume – a must have. Choose a refreshing and aquatic scent preferably to avoid choking guests with your scent. To the groomsmen – besides you want fragrances that will drive the bridesmaids wild not a scent that will turn them off. Just kidding 🙂 … okay, no I’m quite serious.

🔲 Socks – a clean pair of new socks. Go for a color that compliments the outfit. The groom might have a preferred color for his groomsmen already, stick to it.

🔲 Handkerchief –  to clean off sweats. Asides sweating on the dance floor, nervous sweating before saying “I DO” is also a possibility, trust me! Get a handkerchief.

🔲 Pocket square & Lapel Flower Pin – Spruce up your outfit with extra details such as the pocket square and lapel flower pin. This will add glamour to your outfit and will elevate your overall look.

🔲 Shoe Shiner – shoes can get dirty in the process, have it handy for a quick wipe.

🔲 Inner Vest – Please avoid singlet. Go for clean white inner vest round neck or V-neck.



B. For the Groom and Best Man

What SHOULD you bring?

🔲 First yourselves. Don’t be absent. A day before the wedding, try not to drink too much or eat anything that could cause severe stomach upset the next day. Best man please take note of this.

🔲 Accessories of your choice: Like bracelet and/or wristwatch (don’t keep your wrists bare – bring both or at least one of these).

🔲 Sunglasses: Well, it’s not compulsory but it adds to the classic look. It also prevents you from squinting at the sun when snapping pictures after the wedding on a bright sunny day.

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🔲 Nothing more: You already have your Tuxedo/Suit, White Shirt, Tie, Lapel Flower Pin (for Best Man and Groomsmen) and Boutonnière (for the Groom), Shoe and every other thing mentioned in section “A” above.


C. Other things worth mentioning

  1. If there is a hotel accommodation plan for all the men, then you should be at the hotel a night before. If there is no hotel accommodation plan, you should be at the wedding venue [prepared] at least 3 hours before the wedding starts.
  2. Don’t be late! If the wedding is going to be outside the state where you live, confirm if there is a flight route to the destination and make all travel arrangements 2 weeks before. If it’s within the same state where you live but the distance is a bit far, then try and leave very early and plan to be at the venue 3 hours before or better still, please arrive a night before the wedding.
  3. Usually, you should start dressing proper for white wedding 2 hours to the white wedding on the Wedding day after you’ve showered and had your breakfast.
  4. Wear only Black Leather Shoe – Oxford with Lace Up or Monkstrap shoe (double or single) in plain or patent leather. That’s the only two shoes allowed. No Loafers (except you are wearing Tuxedo whereby you should stick to Dress Loafers or men’s tuxedo-dress pumps (in patent leather only).
  5. Avoid certain kind of shoes. No brogues. No Boot. No other color except black for the sake of coordination with your best ban and your groomsmen. From experience it’s cheaper and easier this way, however, if you choose to go with a brown shoe, then you must make sure the best man and the groomsmen will wear the same color and shade of brown shoe. But I must warn you this could be a bit expensive considering that your groomsmen might need to invest in a new brown shoe as against using a good black shoe they might already have.
  6. Your Belts and Shoes must match in color and finishing. The belt should look clean and new, no wrinkles. The shoe should not be warped or out of style and the shoe heels should not be worn out. Also, avoid torn lace.
  7. Nothing more. Just get ready to look dapper, dance and have fun. Don’t drink too much, at least not until the After Wedding Party! And… please don’t drink and drive!



So guys please use this pre-wedding checklist to ensure everything is on plan for your big day. Pack lightly and once again please don’t forget to have your haircut and proper beard grooming (if you are a bearded gent). Lastly, go to bed early!

If you are interested in cologne, accessories I’ve mentioned here. Don’t hesitate to let us know. If it’s for your wedding we will certainly offer you 10% off your purchase.

And if you need a Wedding Stylist for your wedding, don’t hesitate to contact us also. Use the CONTACT FORM or simply send an email to services@mrkoachman.com with the subject “Wedding Styling Service”.


Congratulations in advance. I wish you the best day ever.

Yours in Style,

Kobi O. Mbagwu (Mr. Kobi)

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