The Navy Blue Suit | The Best Shirts & Shoes To Wear With A Navy Suit

The navy blue suit is a classic piece of menswear and one of the most versatile suits any man can own. Let’s look at the possible shirt, shoe, and accessory combinations for a navy suit.

Navy Blue Suit Mr Koachman


We’ve talked about suit rules for men and we’ve also posted an article here before on how to look better in suits. Today, we want to talk about the Navy Blue suit – a power suit which has been considered by astute menswear professionals as the most important suit a man can have.


The Navy Blue Suit is a very trendy, smart and classic piece of menswear. It is a more youthful alternative to the classic black or charcoal gray suit and certainly one of the most versatile pieces of clothing that should be in every man’s wardrobe.

They look sharp in two piece, three piece, or double-breasted suits and definitely stands out irrespective of the suit pattern – window pane, checked, pinstripe, or plain. They are perfect for office wear, formal events and most other occasions where a suit is required.

Navy Blue Suit Mr Koachman

And oh … before I forget, it’s certainly one of the first three (3) suits you should definitely own if you are just planning on getting your first set of suits.

So what are the first three suits?

The Navy Blue (1st/2nd), Charcoal Gray (1st/2nd), and Medium Gray (3rd) – all solid colors, no patterns. After these ones, you can then invest in a light gray, a black suit and then a tuxedo before going for patterned suits.

I’m digressing a bit now…but please stay with me.

The point is … the navy blue suit is a power suit and you should always get this as your first suit [or second suit at most].

If you’ve got a navy blue suit already but you are wondering the best shirt and shoe combinations then we’ve got some style suggestions on what shirts and shoes go best with this versatile suit.



The Navy Blue Suit | The Best Shirt and Shoe Combinations


The 5 Best Shirts To Wear With A Navy Blue Suit

Navy Blue Suit Mr Koachman

The Navy Blue suit practically goes with every shirt combination in your closet. Here are the Top 5 Shirt colors you can pair with it.

  1. Light Blue shirt
  2. Light Pink shirt
  3. White shirt
  4. Lilac or Purple shirt
  5. Light Gray shirt

Asides the white, the rest can come in plain, striped or mixed color.

Navy Blue Suit Mr Koachman



The Top 3 Shoe Colors To Wear With A Navy Blue Suit

Shoes For Navy Blue Suit

Complete your navy blue suit look with the right pair of shoes. The truth is that any of the 3 must-have gentleman shoes would go with this.

When in doubt stick to Oxford, Brogues, Double monk strap or Dress Loafers with tassels and you’re good to go.

Here is our suggestion on the shoe color you should pair with your navy blue suit:

You CAN pair with any of the four basic colors of shoes:

  1. Brown shoe (1st and best choice)
  2. Tan or Light Brown shoe (2nd Choice)
  3. Burgundy shoe [3rd Choice]
  4. Black shoe [4th Choice]

The best shoe color choice for the Navy suit would be a brown shoe or a tan shoe. Burgundy also works well especially when worn on a less strict business day, let’s say on a Thursday at the office.

Even though a black shoe is acceptable, avoid wearing this color too often as it is bound to make it look like you are wearing a black suit on a black shoe.


Extras (Accessories):

  1. A Classy Man Bag – a sleek one in real leather for increased quality and durability and in modern designs.
  2. A Good dress watch or a diving/sports casual watch.
  3. Bracelets – lots of them if you consider yourself a modern classy and fashionable gentleman with no limits.
  4. Ties – Your tie should contrast with the suit and the shirt but be leery of your tie length and other tie rules.
  5. Pocket square – Introduce this accessory into your navy suit if you want to elevate your entire look.
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Brief Case To Go With A Navy Blue Suit

The truth is the navy blue suit is already a power suit color so it doesn’t need an extra help in order to stand out.

However, if you are looking for other extra accessories to complement your navy blue suit look, then a nice man’s bag (brown or similar color tone), the right watch and nice bracelets will certainly spice up and complete the look.



This guide has been written to help you make the right decision on which color of shirt and shoe is best for your navy blue suit. There are a lot more options and possible combinations but these style basics will get you started.

Do you have any further thoughts you would like to share with us with respect to other shirts, shoes and accessories combination for a navy blue suit? Kindly share in the comment section below.

If you need help with your outfits or you are interested in wardrobe change, visit our STYLING SERVICES PAGE to see various services we offer and choose from, then we can begin with a quick style consultation.

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Until you hear from me again … continue to do well, live well and dress really well. Stay classy!

Yours in Style,

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