Men’s Guide To White Pants | How To Wear White Jeans, Chinos etc

white pant

A white pair of pants says a lot.

You have to be stylish, bold and confident in your knowledge of the style game to pull off a white pair of trousers. Havana style is something a lot of men steer away from, simply because of its bad reputation, but fear no more gentlemen, here is Gentleman Zone’s guide to the white pants.

First things first

Before we start talking about the fit and the different ways to wear white pants you should know that they really aren’t for everyone. If you have big thighs or you are a little bit overweight with a bit more ‘’backside’’ you should definitely avoid wearing white pants because they are known for exacerbating in the tight area. You might look or appear bigger than you actually are.

With that in mind let’s continue with the fit of white pants.


When putting on white pants you should always go for slim or skinny fit. That way the pants sit more flattering on your legs, but when thinking skinny they should not be glued to your legs, a little bit of room will ensure the right look of the pants.


The right length of the pants is mandatory if you want to look right. Too much of “the mankle” and you are risking to look like you are too tall, and too much of wrinkled fabric on the bottom will definitely ruin the whole look no matter how well you’ve combined the whole look.
Ideally, you should go for a no-break pants. The pants will stay perfectly on the leg, and you can be sure they won’t look ugly, no matter what type of shoe you choose to wear.



1. A Summer Day in the Office

white pants

Perfect look for a warm day at the office. The darker navy of the button-up will differentiate the top from the bottom and the browns blend the things perfectly together while the white pants allows the other colors pop-out.


2. The Weekend Casual

white pants

Perfect for going out to the park. Lightweight, casual and comfortable this outfit can easily become your go-to style for your weekends. Of course, you can always change the colors of the shirt, shoes or the sunglasses to break things up a bit. Experiment gentlemen!


3. A Colder Day Out

white pants

Perfect for chilly days during the week. The double-breasted blazer will keep you warm and you can throw in a black umbrella if it rains. Just remember to be awesome!


So, gentleman, here are three ways to wear white pants. Of course, there are a lot more ways to wear them. All you have to do is an experiment, find out what works best for you and just be yourself! Just remember to always be awesome!


Thanks so much for stopping by. Until next time – Take care gentlemen.

This is a guest post from my friend  Evgeni Asenov at Visit his blog for more gentlemen style inspiration.

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  1. Sailors wear white. But they are fit. I think it is very sharp on them and always notice them during fleet week. Very sharp. In fashion I like white but it is not as forgiving as black. These white legging type jeans are very NY Hamptons trendy but I do not like the look on most. It looks like a yoga outfit to me and is overdone. I find white linen pants to be much more stylish. Or white dresses can be pretty. All white can work well but is nicer if it looks like an upscale outfit as opposed to gym wear.