The Importance Of A Powerful and Beautiful Signature

“A signature always reveals a man’s character – and sometimes even his name” – Evan Esar

Importance of a powerful and beautiful signature

We all know the importance of a signature … yeah, I’m sure we all do! But do you know the importance of a powerful and beautiful signature?  

Now, I’m talking about a signature which leaves a lasting first impression. A signature that screams “I’m a confident man! I’m the boss! I’m in charge!

I believe that most of us have a personal signature which we use either when we want to withdraw money through Cheque or carry out some financial transactions within the bank. But for the sake of the young adults reading this right now who are yet to develop a style of signature – let’s start off with the proper definition of the term “signature”.



Importance of a powerful and beautiful signature

The use of signature is a tradition that is thousands of years old, and still very much useful in this modern age.

Your signature is basically your ID in a stylized form of writing, which represents you on important documents and tells others that it’s you and nobody else. It is used on letters, legal documents and in personal communication with friends or colleagues. Above all, your signature shows how you want people to perceive you and it commits you to whatever is written on any document you sign.

With the above definition, we need not say further on the importance of a signature, however, that’s not why you are reading this today. I’m here today to tell you about the importance of a powerful and beautiful signature.


As Meg Wolitzer once said – “You had only one chance for a signature in life, but most people left no impression”. Here are 3 key reasons why you should have a powerful and beautiful signature.

Importance of a powerful and beautiful signature


  • Signature is such a powerful symbol representing your life and personality and it can say a lot about you before someone actually meets you.
  • It only takes a few seconds to make a powerful first impression, and your signature is a personality tool which you can use to create a good first impression. In fact, most people will form an opinion about you instantly without meeting yet, based on your signature. This can be a deciding factor if they would want to meet with you or not.
  • As a leader, you should improve your signature. A Powerful Signature leads you to great success!



There are many kinds of signatures — both good and bad. Unfortunately, I can’t discuss all the characteristics of a powerful and beautiful signature here, but let’s look at 3 key characteristics:

1. Style: It has to be unique

Signatures can be forged, therefore you should endeavor to make it unique. You should first make it long, then clear and legible.

Tip #1: Avoid scribbled signatures as these ones can easily be copied. Besides, it’s not clear so one won’t be able to identify easily that it’s yours.

Tip #2: Include your first name and last name and stylize it, but write clearly. It has to be legible.

Tip #3: If your first name or last name is unique you can use any of the two when signing. On the other hand, if you are well-known by a signature pet name, you can sign using that name.

Tip #4: You can include your middle initial in addition to any of the options above to make it stand out.

Tip #5: To give your signature a bold look, make the first letter of your full name or any of the last name/first name larger. This will make your signature stand out.

2. Size: It should not be of small size. A medium size (same as your handwriting) or a large size is more ideal.

  • A signature of large size implies a great self-confidence, while that of small size usually indicates low self-esteem.
  • A signature of the same size as your handwriting usually would mean a balance of self-confidence and modesty.
  • Use this information to your advantage to tell the world what you want them to know about you.


3. Consistency is Key: It has to be consistent.

  • Once you’ve chosen a unique signature style which is of large or medium size, next thing is to ensure it is consistent. Practice your signature over and over till you get used to writing it.
  • Not being consistent can actually put you in trouble especially when you are required to sign your signature as a form of validation or to verify your identity and it turns out not to match.



Here are some Famous People Signatures. Hopefully, this would give you an idea how a powerful signature should look like. If you currently have a weak signature, please change your signature style if you really want to gain success.

Importance of a powerful and beautiful signature

Thank you so much for stopping by. Till you hear from me again … Continue to Do Well. Live Well and Dress Really Well. Be Stylish.

Yours in Style,

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