A Guide to Matching Ties and Pocket Squares

When it comes to matching your ties and pocket squares, only one rule applies and this is that – they shouldn’t exactly match.

match ties and pocket squares
A pocket square is a very important part of every gentleman’s wardrobe, but sadly is one that is overlooked by many. This simple but powerful menswear accessory makes a nice touch if you incorporate it well in your outfit.

I’ve written quite a number of articles on this all important accessory. The very first one was on The Power of A PocketSquare | 7 EASY WAYS TO FOLD A POCKET SQUARE. In another article titled 25 Suit Rules All Men Need to Know I mentioned an important pocket square rule in the 23rd Suit rule. See below

#Rule 23: Avoid matching ties and pocket squares in pattern or fabric choice, instead find colors that complement the outfit.

match ties and pocket squares

While many people would argue that it’s okay to match them, matching your ties with pocket squares cut from same cloth simply goes a long way in showing you always love to keep it safe when it comes to color coordination of your accessories. This could be boring sometimes and when repeated consistently, it is guaranteed to make one look like he lacks taste. As a Stylish gentleman, you should never wear exactly matching accessories, but rather you have to go the extra mile with a little color coordination.

match ties and pocket squares

Unfortunately, these days you see so many fashion brands and department stores selling matching pocket square and tie to their customers in combo packs. A lot of men are always excited when they walk into a fashion store and see the matching set –  they are like “What a relief! the burden of thinking how best to match my ties and pocket squares have been lifted off my shoulder”

Sorry, but that is… Boring.

For those that buy these matching sets my suggestion would be to not match them together in an outfit, but rather pick either the pocket square or tie from one set and match it with another tie or pocket square that would go well with it. Take a look at the color wheel below…

match ties and pocket squares

A short course in “Colour Analysis” could help you especially if you are not naturally gifted when it comes to combining colors exceptionally well in your outfit. But today, I’m going to give you some ideas for matching ties with pocket squares. So get ready to mix things up. Of course not just any colors will look good together, but don’t worry this guide will help you choose the right pocket square for any tie you own or you intend to buy.

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How to Match Ties and Pocket Squares

Basically when next you want to wear a tie and a pocket square, here are the elements you should consider – COLORS, PATTERNS & PRINTS, and FABRIC:


There are different ways to figure out which colors go together well.

A) For a contrasting effect : Go for complementary colors, such as yellow and purple; red and green or blue and orange

match ties and pocket squares

A combination of complementary colors involves choosing two colors that are found on exact opposite sides of the color wheel. These colors are highly contrasting and look very bold if put together.

B) For a more subtle look : Go for analog colors such as yellow and orange, green and blue or blue and violet

match ties and pocket squares

Analog colors basically mean that you will be choosing one color from the spectrum, skip one and then choose the next one. These combinations are very simple yet highly elegant.

C) A neutral tie goes best with a colorful pocket square and vice versa. Although neutral colored items (black, white, gray or beige) can be combined with any other color, so if any one of the items (either tie or pocket square) is a neutral color, you can always match it with any color you want for the second item.

match ties and pocket squares

D) When wearing a white shirt you can opt for a white pocket square, especially if your jacket is navy blue or black. In this case, you can choose any color of tie you want (just as stated above – white is a neutral color).

match ties and pocket squares


Let’s look at 3 different cases and see how best to combine it.

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A) CASE 1: Solid colored Tie Vs Patterned or Print Pocket Square

In this case, choose the patterned/print pocket square that has at least one of its colors as the color of the Tie. Alternatively, you can choose a pocket square that has a lighter or darker shade of the solid colored tie reoccurring on the pocket square.

match ties and pocket squares

B) Case 2: Patterned or Print Tie Vs Pattered or Print Pocket Square

The first thing you must know is that You should never match patterns of the same size or same patterns together. If you have a tie with pattern, prints or stripes, you can go for a pocket square of the same pattern so as long as the patterns, prints or stripes on the pocket square are not of the same size as that of the Tie. For example, if your tie has thin stripes, you can combine it with a pocket square with thick stripes or you could go for a different pattern such as a large polka dot. If the stripes on the tie are thick, you can go for a smaller polka dot pattern.

match ties and pocket squares

C) CASE 3: Patterned or Print Tie Vs Solid Colored Square

Similar rules from Case (1) above would apply. In this case, one of the colors of the tie can be the color of the pocket square or you can pick one of the colors of the tie and then choose a pocket square of a darker or lighter shade of the color you chose.

match ties and pocket squares


When it comes to fabrics, there is one main rule – The fabric of the pocket square should not be same as the fabrics from which the jacket and tie are made.
If you are wearing a suit made from wool, a nice silk pocket square would do. You can add a light
weight-cotton pocket square if your suit or jacket is made from a fine and smoother material.

match ties and pocket squares



You could decide how you wish to match your tie to your pocket square so as long as you don’t match exactly. I think you should try different combinations to see which one works best. Let me know how this goes.

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    • Hi Uche, You didn’t say the kind of jacket whether it’s a suit jacket, a blazer or a sports coat. If you are going for a smart, casual and styled look then you may wear a very good quality, light-colored, non-branded polo (no visible logo on the polo shirt) under a non-formal blazer or a sports coat [But NEVER under a suit jacket] and then wear a pocket square to act as your accessory.

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