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Owning a suit is one of the biggest style investment you can make. Therefore, you should learn how to maintain and care for your suit in order to preserve its shape and structure over a long period of time.

How to Maintain and Take Care for Your Suit

A friend of mine [Mr. Henry], who owns a laundry/dry cleaning business [Laundry Basket] here in Lagos, Nigeria recently told me about one of his customers [a banker] who brings the same set of suits to his outlet every Friday for dry-cleaning.

This customer of his would wear his suits from Monday to Thursday each week, deliver it to his outlet on Friday morning and pick them up on Sunday evening. He would continue the same routine of wearing the same suits the rest of the week.

According to Mr. Henry, he had advised the customer that he shouldn’t be dry cleaning on a weekly basis but the customer kept insisting that he loves his suits to look “neat and cool” each new week. So, Mr. Henry has no other option than to continue providing the service to him, but he now asked me to write about this topic [How To Maintain and Take Care Of Your Suit] in hope that a lot of people who make the same mistake would correct it.

So let’s get this out of the way first– No one should be dry cleaning his suit on a weekly basis. This is so wrong!

Now let’s look at 5 simple tips on how to maintain and properly care for your suit so they can last you a long time.

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How to Maintain and Care for Your Suit



Never take your suit to the dry cleaner frequently, doing this will expose your suit to harsh chemicals which could cause your suit to become worn-out faster.

To maintain your suit regularly, you should brush it with a clean towel or soft clothes brush to remove any dirt you may see on the suit after you wear it and after this air out. If there is a specific spot on the suit that has a stain, you can spot clean the dirty area with water and a clean towel.

How to Maintain and Take Care for Your Suit

Only dry clean your suit when necessary – usually about once in 6 months [if you wear the suits frequently] or when visible dirt and odor has built up and brushing and airing out doesn’t work anymore.

Everyone should know this one, but I think I should just mention it – Do not ever use a washing machine to wash your suit. Do not hand wash either.



How to Maintain and Take Care for Your Suit

When you are done wearing your suit at the end of the day, hang it properly using a proper suit hanger. Do not fold and keep, this can cause your suit to wrinkle. Do not ever use metal or wire hangers to hang your suit as they will certainly leave hanger bumps at both ends of the shoulders.

Hang it up in a well-spaced wardrobe using a proper suit hanger – a contoured wood or plastic round-edged hanger will preserve the shape and drape of the suit. Make sure it’s not squeezed in-between other garments in your wardrobe.




How to Maintain and Take Care for Your Suit

Some people do this so often and yet wonder why their suits didn’t last long. I once made a suit for a client of mine and he came back a month later to say the fabric is now “shining”. I asked him whether he was ironing his suit and he was honest enough to say “Yes”. Then, I told him that was the problem.

AVOID use of a regular dry iron to press your suits, as this can damage the fabric and add an unwanted sheen to your suit. If you must iron, use a steam iron and then a press cloth as a barrier to protect the fabric.

Better still, invest in a garment steamer. This can be quite expensive but it’s a perfect way to de-wrinkle your suit while also deodorizing it. After all, after spending a lot of money on your suits, you want to make sure it can last you a long time. Right?



 How to Maintain and Take Care for Your Suit

Try not to wear the same suit more than two times per week. Give your suit a rest after each wearing so you can enjoy wearing them for a long time.

With that said, you should have at least 3 suits in your wardrobe so you can rotate them evenly throughout the week.



How to Maintain and Take Care for Your Suit

While there are a few tricks on how to fold and pack your suit without it wrinkling so much, it is always advisable to use a garment bag in packing your suits when traveling. Go for those types that are light and breathable, this will allow air to still circulate through the suit during transit. I also use it a lot when I’m delivering new suits to my clients’, it keeps it secure, and wrinkle free during transit.

Extra Tip: Also use a garment bag when storing your suit for a long time. Always dry clean before storing.



Whether you are wearing an off-the-rack or a custom-tailored suit, you need to maintain and properly care for your suit. These tips we’ve covered above will certainly ensure your suits last long.

Do you have other tips on how to care for your suit? Please let us know in the comment down below.

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