The Gray Suit: Best Shirt, Shoe & Accessories To Wear With A Gray Suit

The gray suit is a classic piece of menswear. It is the perfect suit color for showing off your style at work while projecting great confidence. Let’s look at the possible shirts, shoes, and accessory combinations for a gray suit.

the gray suit


You probably have heard it before – Your first suit should NOT be Black. Go for either a solid navy blue or a solid charcoal gray suit. These suit colors should be the first you should get.

You should always choose a charcoal gray suit over a black suit when you first start building your suit collection. When you must have had 3-4 suits you may then go for the black.

Tip: Here are the first five (5) suits you should own

  • The Navy Blue (1st/2nd), Charcoal Gray (1st/2nd), Medium Gray (3rd), Light Gray (4th) and then Black (5th)

We’ve talked previously about the powerful Navy Blue Suit, so today let’s look at The Classic Gray Suit which offers at least 3 main shades and varieties namely – Charcoal, Medium, and Light Gray.


The gray suit looks sharp in two piece, three piece, or double-breasted suits and is certainly one suit you would wear and expect your class and style to be instantly noticed.

They come in plain or patterned form (check, windowpane or pinstripe) and are perfect for office wear, and other forms of professional styling. Pair this suit with the right dress shirt, a power tie, the perfect combination of accessories and a pair of dress shoes to add that sleek twist to your classic corporate look.

Here is a complete list of all the shirts, shoes and accessories that you can pair effortlessly with your gray suit so you can look the part at all times.


1: The Charcoal Gray Suit | The Best Shirt and Shoe Combinations

The Charcoal Gray Suit

The Best Shirts To Wear With A Gray Suit

The Charcoal Gray suit will go with most shirts in your closet. Here are some top shirt colors you can pair with a charcoal gray suit.

  1. White shirt
  2. Light Pink shirt
  3. Light Blue shirt
  4. Navy Blue shirt
  5. Lilac or Light Purple shirt
  6. Black Shirt
  7. Light Gray Shirt

Asides the white and black shirt, the rest can come in plain, striped or mixed color.  For striped shirts – stick to narrow or thin vertical stripes. Check out the rules of pairing your shirt, tie, and suits.

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The Shoe Colors To Wear With A Charcoal Gray Suit

The following shoes will go with the gray suit – Oxford, Brogues, Double Monk strap, Dress Loafers, formal pumps etc.

A charcoal gray suit is a formal suit, pairing it with a black shoe is the best option. Although it can go with Dark Burgundy Shoes. Avoid pairing it with brown or tan shoes as it makes it look informal. Here is the summary:

You CAN pair with any of these two shoe colors

  • BLACK SHOES [Best Choice]
  • BURGUNDY SHOES [2nd Choice]





2: The Medium/Light Gray Suit | The Best Shirt and Shoe Combinations

The Best Shirts To Wear With A Medium or Light Gray Suit

Here are the Shirt colors you can pair with a medium or light gray suit.

  1. White shirt
  2. Light Pink shirt
  3. Powder Blue shirt
  4. Lilac shirt
  5. Light Gray shirt
  6. Black Shirt

The shirts can also come in plain, striped or mixed color. See picture below.

light gray suit



The Shoe Colors To Wear With A Medium or Light Gray Suit

The medium or light gray suit goes with all shoe colors. To select the particular one you want to wear, you just need to choose the shoe that compliments the accessories you’ve introduced in your outfit.

shoes for medium or light gray suit

You CAN pair with any of the four basic colors of shoes and even more. It is the most versatile suit color.



Brown shoe with a gray suit



The Accessories To Wear With A Gray Suit: Charcoal/Medium/Light Gray Suits

Wear eye-catching accessories to complement your gray suit look. A nice pocket square and tie combination, man bag (in black color preferably), a classy wristwatch and beautiful men’s bracelets will certainly boost your look.

Accessories for Gray

Here are the details:

  1. Pocket square – Introduction of the pocket square to your outfit polishes your entire look. Throw in a patterned pocket square that compliments your tie to elevate your gray suit look.
  2. Ties – As a basic rule, your tie should contrast with the suit. The following ties should be a good start – Black Tie, Red Tie, Navy Tie, Maroon Tie, Blue Tie, Green Tie. Also, check out the meaning behind each tie color it should guide you when trying to make a power statement with your tie.
  3. A Classy Man Bag – a sleek one in real leather, good quality and in modern designs.
  4. A Good dress watch or a diving/sports casual watch is perfect for a business look.
  5. Bracelets – invest in bracelets and adorn yourselves with the right combination. Keep it simple but sophisticated when in a professional setting.
  6. Others Accessories – Belt, Cufflinks, Tie BarCollar Pin, Lapel Pin, Socks etc.


Accessories for Gray Suit




I hope that this article has given you some insight on the best possible style combinations for your gray suit. It is important to remember all the crucial points which we have discussed here and let it guide you when next you are dressing up your gray suit. Making some little changes in your wardrobe and style of dressing is guaranteed to distinguish you from the crowd.

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As you all know, you should dress how you want to be addressed and THE FIRST STEP TO BEING RESPECTED IS TO LOOK RESPECTABLE.

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