For the watch enthusiast with a passion for innovation and ingenuity, the new must-have timepieces are from DEVON.


Like the iconic film series, the bold new Star Wars Devon co-branded watch with patented system of interwoven Time Belts™ and hybrid electro-mechanical power  embodies the pioneering spirit of the original film and is designed to capture the adventure, hope and enthusiasm of the legendary series.  To harness the Force, Devon incorporates the key elements of Darth Vader and the TIE Fighter, the star-ship of the Imperial fleet. Naturally, the case of the watch is created in all black DLC (Diamond-Like Carbon Coating) on stainless steel.

The wings of the TIE Fighter spacecraft are part of the architecture of the case – spanning out on either side to enhance the bold rectangular case. The main screws that connect the case and lugs are reinterpreted as aircraft turbine intakes, finished with pointed silver screws that emulate the ones on Darth Vader’s helmet. Additionally, the crown is finished with the Galactic Empire logo.


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A New Force Awakens in Watches

Using technology taken from the cockpits of modern airliners, Devon created a system of four microstep motors powered by a hybrid electro-mechanical source, along with an optical recognition system that tells time more precisely than any purely mechanical watch made today. So precise, in fact, that it is accurate to within one half second per day. Details in this rare watch are dramatic and angular, and reflect iconic parts of the TIE Fighter and Darth Vader’s armor. The design is so advanced, one would not be surprised if Darth Vader himself were seen wearing it. The look is intense, the craftsmanship is extraordinary and the movements of the interwoven time belts are mesmerizing. Feel the strength,  Feel the power and Feel the force.

The Details

Featuring over 350 individual pieces, 4 microstep motors, 4 fiberglass-reinforced nylon belts, and 313 electrical contacts, this substantial watch is as revolutionary as the TIE Fighter Starship itself. An impressive kinetic sculpture, everything about this watch is as compact and smooth-maneuvering as the TIE Fighters and as intense and intimidating as Darth Vader. Creator Scott Devon says, “greatest villain, Darth Vader, is now symbolized in an avant-garde watch. But since 1977, the fans have grown up. They attend black tie events. Now they can wear a iconic watch to an event, and show off their seductive dark side”. No tuxedo is complete without a watch modeled after this iconic bowtie-resembling starship.

Darth Vader Helmet

Silver screws at the base of the watch emulate those on Darth Vader’s helmet. Rather than using Dark Side alchemy to further strengthen the metal, Devon teamed up with an aerospace engineering company to create a strong and fluid watch that is as impressive as Darth Vader’s armor.

Tie Fighter Wing

The hexagonal wing of the TIE Fighter is one of the more recognizable shapes from Star Wars and is depicted on either side of the watch, as well as the indicator on the face. The shape creates a peek at the red and green motor covers that are representative of the controls on Darth Vader’s center console. All of this is protected by scratch-resistant polycarbonate with bulletproof durability. While the watch does not draw on the energy of starlight, it does mimic the advanced design of the starship.

Imperial Crest

The symbol of the Galactic Empire is featured on the crown used to operate the watch, and is a reminder of the steadfast determination and loyalty the TIE Fighter pilots had toward the empire. Power for the Devon Star Wars watch is provided by a rechargeable cell that runs for up to two weeks on a single charge.

Titanium Fasteners

This low density, high strength metal is indicative of the overall strength and performance of the watch.
The strength and durability of this watch extends to the strap, which is appropriately ribbed to replicate Darth Vader’s gloves.


316L stainless steel
True black diamond-like coating
Scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens with bulletproof durability
Numbered 1-500 on back plate
Four interwoven 2-micron thin nylon time belts
Lubricant-free ruby bearings
Four micro-step motors
Multiple high-tech optical recognition cells
Temperature-compensated crystal
Onboard microprocessor
313 electrical contacts
Lithium-polymer rechargeable cell
Powered for two weeks on one charge
Recharge wirelessly through inductive charging tower




How often should I charge my Devon watch?

We recommend charging your Tread watch every 20 days if it is not being used. Otherwise, our suggestion is to use the battery level on the Tread 2 and charge it once it reaches 50%. Tread 1 does not have a battery level function, but we suggest charging after using 36 hours of continuous use.

If I need service on my watch what should I do?

Contact us at We can send you instructions for sending the watch in for service.

My Devon is charged but it is not responding?

When the battery level becomes low, the watch will automatically turn off. This allows the internal circuitry to keep the correct time before the battery level is completely depleted. Often, owners will mistake the power saving mode for an error in the watch. Replacing it on the charger will charge the battery, and after some time charging will charge the battery to the point it automatically comes out of power saving mode. Occasionally, if the battery is drained too far, the operating system may lock in power save mode. In such a case, a battery reset will correct the issue.

What does the Devon warranty cover?

Generally, the Devon warranty extends to workman ship defects for a period of two years and a one year warranty on the battery. Basically, this covers normal wear and excludes things like water intrusion, damage from dropping, scratches, etc. Please keep in mind that the Devon warranty is only available if the watch is purchased from an AUTHORIZED DEVON RETAILER. Please refer to the warranty sections (link) for full details.

How long does the watch operate on a single charge?

With normal use, we expect the Tread 1 and Tread 2 watches operate for seven to ten days. Of course, batteries vary, as do the users. Using the various modes of the watches can impact the duration of the charge.

How do I get accessories (like replacement straps, travel chargers) and replacement parts for my Devon?

Accessories and replacement parts are available through Devon or any of its authorized retailers.

How do I reach Devon with questions or customer needs?

The best way to reach us is via email at Alternatively, you can use our customer service line

Why do some watches have serial numbers with a second number?

Each Devon watch is serial numbered for authentisty. If the watch has a serial number with a second number (i.e. STP 54/150), then it is a limited edition. If a watch is listed as limited edition, once the supply of is exhausted, the watch will no longer be made. Of course we will continue to stock the necessary items for repair. It should be noted, a limited edition is a cap on the number of watches of that edition that will be made, it is not a minimum. Devon may discontinue a limited edition before the reaching the limitation.

Warranty Registration
Serial Number Ownership:

It is strongly recommended that you register your watch with Devon after purchasing it. Devon keeps a data base for warranty claims and ownership. We use that information for service needs and also ownership.

Return Policy:

Any watch purchased through a retailer is subject to that retailers return policy. If purchased directly from Devon, our return policy is return within 3 days of the date the watch was received for full credit on the sale price. Because of the unique nature of our watches, only returns that are in new condition and unworn may be accepted. 11.

Are the watches waterproof?

Devon Tread watches are water resistant, but not water proof. It is strongly recommended that you do not submerge your Tread watch, especially in heated water like hot tubs.

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