Like every good man, I strive for perfection, and, like every ordinary man, I have found that perfection is out of reach – but not the perfect suit – Edward Tivnan

look better in suits

Even with the right size or fit, no suit is going to be perfect off the rack.

A few months ago, I attended a Quality Assurance workshop where I happened to deliver the keynote address. At the end of the workshop, a young man dressed in a nice suit approached me and said,

Excuse me Mr. Kobi, Hi…I just want to say you look great in your suit …I couldn’t help but notice the way the jacket and trouser fits when you were on stage, it’s as if the manufacturers made the suit specifically for you. If you don’t mind my asking…Where do you buy your suits from?

And my response was same as always (for such questions) –

Oh, thank you very much, I made it and I can make one or two for you as well ….Mr….?”.

And he goes…

Ken, my name is Ken. Oh Really?? You know I’ve always wondered what makes suits look great on some people while it’s not so great on some others, myself for instance

He continued “I recently bought 4 suits when I traveled to the United States earlier this year, this is one of them [pointing to the one he was wearing]. But I don’t really look so great in it, even though it’s my exact size… but look at yours, it’s well fitted and looks really great on you. So what’s the secret?”

I responded – [smiling]

Thank you again Ken! Well, you see…here is a fact…

I went on to share with him 5 Tips that would make a suit look great on anyone and today I’m sharing same knowledge with all of you, so here we go:




look better in suits

As mentioned earlier, no ready-to-wear suit is going to look perfect off the rack, even if it’s your size.  The shoulders might not sit well and could be a bit wide, or the chest to waist proportion might not create the ultimate V-shape and requires the sides to be taken in. To achieve perfection, you should take your ready-to-wear suit to a professional stylist, an image consultant or a style consulting firm that runs Alteration & Repair services and have one of their in-house tailors’ get it precisely fitted for you.



look better in suits

An off the rack suit might look fairly nice on you but it can’t give you that precise fit when compared to a custom tailored suit. A custom tailored suit tends to cost more but it’s still the best option if you want to achieve perfection in your suits. Another reason why you should consider a custom tailored suit is – it might be difficult to get your exact size and fit in an off the rack suit depending on your body shape. Some people are either too tall or on the large size, this, however, does not mean you should wear oversized suits. So the best option will be to always tailor your suits, it will fit very well and it’s always incredibly stylish.



look better in suits

You are wearing a nice well-cut suit, be proud to show it to folks. Button up when standing, let the ultimate V-shape show. Here are the rules: No matter what you do, NEVER fasten the last button of your suit. If a single breasted suit has 1 button, the button should always be buttoned when standing and unfastened when sitting. If it has 2 buttons, the top button should remain buttoned, while the bottom button is left undone. With 3 buttons, you have options. You can either button the top two and leave the bottom unfastened, or simply button the center button and leave the rest unbuttoned.

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look better in suits

I believe you must have heard this saying before: If you think you are well dressed, take a second to look down your shoes and see if you are right. Yeah, that’s right, Shoes speaks louder than words, it is one of the first things people notice when you dress up or suit up. It completes your look, sets you apart from others and can easily distinguish you as a classy man.

Anytime I meet someone wearing a nice well cut suit, after the way they are styled, the next thing that grabs my attention is his shoes and most times I’m always disappointed. A nice well cut suit deserves an equally nice pair of shoes. For ideas on good shoes to wear with your suit, please check out THE 3 SHOES YOU NEED TO STOP WEARING AND 3 SHOES EVERY GENTLEMAN SHOULD OWN


look better in suits

Image: sprezzaturaeleganza.tumblr.com

A simple but powerful menswear accessory can add some nice touch to your suit look. Here are some of them –  Pocket Square, Tie, Lapel Flower Pin, Clean Brown Shoe, Nice Wrist Watch, Brown Belt, Men’s Bracelets, Colorful Socks etc.

There is nothing more frustrating than seeing someone wear his suit this way all the time – a navy blue suit, white shirt and simple black shoe; a black suit, blue shirt and plain black shoe. Find ways to add a touch of color to your suit, by introducing colorful pocket squares that compliment your tie color. A lapel flower pin (depending on the occasion). A brown shoe to go with your brown belt etc.

Another way to stand out when wearing your suit is the use of a waistcoat (also known as vest). Have a couple of three-piece suit in addition to the usual two-piece suit or make separate waistcoats of different colors that you could wear with your usual two-piece suit for a three-piece look once in a while. Try this out.




Thanks so much for stopping by, I’m sure you have learned a few tips on how to elevate your suit look and make it stand out. Now go on ahead and practice what you’ve learned and come back later to share with us your experience…don’t forget to record the number of compliments as they roll in, I’ll be happy to hear the NUMBER! 🙂

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look better in suits

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I look forward to hearing from you, until then…Stay Classy!

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