Collar Pin Guide: A Timeless Accessory for Extraordinary Gentlemen

The use of the collar pin and collar bars can instantly enhance the look of your necktie, boost your outfit, polish off your entire look and transform you into a dapper and extraordinary gentleman – Mr. Kobi


Collar Bar and Collar Pin


A lot of modern day men do not have any idea about collar pin and collar bar – what it is and how to wear them. If you are one of these men…

That’s not a problem……
…..because you’re about to learn more in 10 minutes what over 90% of the new generation of men don’t know.

I’ve talked about the 10 accessories every gentleman must have and if you’ve read this article you will notice (and perhaps also wonder why) I didn’t include the collar pin and collar bar on my list.

Can you actually guess why they didn’t make the list?

Now let me tell you why – because it’s actually not an accessory every gentleman must have, rather it is an accessory that every extraordinary gentleman should have. I’m talking about the likes of Cary Grant, Fred Astaire and The Great Gatsby.

Read on to find out how you can emulate the styles of these extraordinary gentlemen of the old who frequently wore collar pin and collar bar back in the early 20th century as a way to add that extra touch of elegance to their outfit.

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collar pin

Collar Pin with Clip

collar pin which is closely related to the collar bar is a piece of men’s fashion accessory, which is designed to hold the two ends of a dress shirt collar together – functioning in a similar way as a tabbed collar. However, much more than just holding down the shirt collars, it helps elevate the knot of the tie and adds an extra touch of elegance to your necktie.



They range from barbells to pins to clips and are usually between 3 and 5 centimeters in length. Here are the three common styles:

  • collar pin, similar to a safety pin, that pierces each side of the collar (or passes through the existing eyelet)
  • collar bar or barbell: This includes two decorative knobs on either side which can be screwed off and a straight pin that is designed to pass through specially made eyelets on each side of the collar.
  • a collar bar with clips on both ends that grasp each side of the collar

They can also come in different variations as some of them come with chains as part of its design.

collar pin and collar bar



Why should you wear a collar pin? You should wear this simple but stylish accessory occasionally because it’s one sure way to stand out as an extraordinary gentleman.


You can wear the collar pin or collar bar to an office or for business meetings. By all means, wear this stylish accessory when you want to make a great first impression in a dress shirt and nice suit.

 Collar Bar and Collar Pin


Step 1: Choose the right shirt with the right collar

A nice dress shirt with a classic collar such as a club, tab, straight and forward pointing collars is the perfect shirt type. Semi-spread collars would do but you should avoid wearing it with wide spread collar types.

For different types of collar styles, read this – A GUIDE TO MEN’S SHIRT COLLAR STYLES.

collar pin

Step 2: Knot your Tie

Once you have chosen the right dress shirt. Knot a tie style that isn’t too bulky or big. You should try a small knot style or a four in hand knot, these two are pretty simple. Avoid wearing a bow tie with a collar pin and collar bar.

For different types of tie knot styles, read this – 7 DIFFERENT WAYS TO KNOT A TIE.

Step 3: Put on your Collar Pin or Collar Bar

It should go right underneath your necktie. To do this, carefully pierce the pin through one side of your collar (or through an existing eyelet if the collar has it). Adjust your tie a bit by raising it up to allow the other end to pierce or pass through the other side of the collar. That’s it. Very simple!



To the extraordinary gentleman, a collar pin or collar bar is more than just for holding the two ends of a dress shirt collar together, these ones know that this timeless stylish accessory can be used to make a fashion statement. As you follow this guide, please take note of the following.

  • Collar stays are not necessary when wearing a collar pin.
  • Collar bars shouldn’t be worn with buttoned-down collars.
  • Since collar bars do not have piercing needle-like ends like collar pins, they should only be worn with pin hole dress shirts with eyelets on the collars

Have you ever worn a collar pin or collar bar before? Let us know. If this guide has also helped you dress better, please feel free to drop your comments below.

Thanks so much for reading. Until next time gentlemen … Continue to Do Well. Live Well and Dress Really Well. Be Classy.

Yours in Style,

Kobi O. Mbagwu [Mr. Kobi]




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