The Best Office Music Playlist for Productivity

There is evidence that music is beneficial to office workers. Most people have found that music listening while working has improved their job satisfaction and productivity.

Office Music Playlist

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A study by Department of Music, University of Sheffield, UK found that listening to music in an office-based working environment led to workers having a more positive mood, which they believe improved their overall work performance. In most organizations, you are allowed to work at your desk while jamming to our favorite tunes [using a nice pair of headphones] as long as it doesn’t disturb your co-worker.

You see, for me, music inspires me, keeps me going and focused while I’m working and ultimately, this helps me become more productive. All it takes is the right combination of Alternative rock, Alternative metal, Soft rock, and Pop rock genre and I am at my very best! Seriously, your favorite music will boost your mood, keep you happy, focused and inspired you to do more, no matter how tired you are.

So today, I just wanted to share my Best Office Music Playlist with you guys. They are all lovely songs, carefully selected for your listening pleasure.

It doesn’t really matter if you would prefer Nickelback over Coldplay or Avril Lavigne over Creed,  just feel free to stick to your preferred choice and skip the ones you don’t like … the most important thing is for you to enjoy it, be inspired and become more productive!

And if you need a specific playlist to motivate you during your workout sessions, check it out via this link below:

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weekend playlist

Randomly Selected Office Music Playlist | Alternative Rock





Remember it’s not okay to wear your headphone throughout the day at work as this can be perceived as being rude and your boss or coworkers can easily become irritated when trying to get your attention and you can’t hear them or respond ‘cos you are listening to your favorite playlist. A good solution to this would be to lower the volume so you can still hear them.

How do you like the playlist above? Which one is your favorite playlist/song? Which music genre inspires you the more? Who is your favorite artist – Staind, Nickleback, Avril Lavigne or Creed? Let me know in the comment section below.

Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a great day!

Yours in Style,

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