Great Tips for an Irritation Free Shave Below the Belt


A lot of us have been there. You’ve finished shaving your most private of areas and you’re left with itching, skin irritation, and sometimes a few nicks or cuts. Shaving below the belt doesn’t have to be such a dramatic event for your skin.

We’ve got some tips you’ll benefit from and your next shaving experience down there won’t be so bad. In fact, you might even start enjoying it. Feeling great without any of the irritation!

Here are our tips to improve the way you shave down there:

№1: Prepare the Area

Before you begin using any razor you’ll want to prep the area. What do we mean? Well, you need to trim the length of your hair before taking a razor to it.

Using a good electric shaver is the ideal way to handle this. Trim the hairs as low as possible with your electric shaver. Stick to the pubic region “above the main event”. You don’t want to use an electric shaver on the lower end of your privates.

For some, they’re looking for only a trim and you might stop here. However, we’re going to cover the how-to for those looking for a barer look.


№2: Utilize Your Shower

The power of the shower shouldn’t be underestimated. Warm running water helps loosen hair follicles, relaxes the skin, and helps to give you a better shave.

You don’t have to do all your shaving in the shower, but when it comes to below the belt it’s recommended.

If you don’t have access to a shower for any reason an optional method is a warm washcloth. Use your sink and a warm washcloth to get similar effects on the skin and hairs. Although this isn’t the ideal way of getting things done, it will work.

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№3: Grab Your Razor

It’s now time for the main event. The actual shaving! The event where a lot of you make mistakes.

To avoid irritation, make sure you’re shaving with the grain. Shaving against the hair growth is begging for ingrown hairs, razor rash, and other experiences you don’t want.

Shave in small sections at a time. Always pulling the skin “taught”. Don’t pull the skin too hard, but just enough to get a flat surface on the area you’re shaving. Shaving in these small surfaces makes it easier to not cut yourself.

Rinse your razor frequently to keep it free of cut hairs. You’ll get a cleaner pass each stroke which means fewer passes over the skin. The more passes it takes to shave the hair the more likely your skin will be irritated after.

Remember that it’s not a race. Take your time to get the job done right. If shaving with the grain isn’t getting the hair good enough for you then you can do a second pass with cross strokes.

Instead of going with the grain shave sideways with the grain. These cross strokes aren’t always necessary but will help if you need additional passes. Continue to avoid against the grain shaving at all costs.


№4: The Secret Sauce

Don’t use shaving creams or any shaving gel when shaving below the belt. Instead use a good soft soap that’s anti-bacterial.

Creams & Gels apply to thick in this area and still wash off quickly in the shower. All of this only makes it more difficult to get a great shave and results in irritation. Your favorite soft soap will apply a thin layer to shave with and does a better job in this instance.



Shaving below the belt doesn’t have to be a shaving experience you hate. With the right tricks as learned today, you should be shaving like a champ. Lastly, always keep yourself neat and fresh down there! When you are hairless down there, you tend to sweat more…so you need to always stay clean and fresh by showering every day – a minimum of twice a day (morning and evening).

Follow this straightforward tips and your next shaving experience should be much more enjoyable.

I hope you learned a bit from this post. Thanks for reading!

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