5 Men’s Accessories That Should Definitely Make a Comeback

There are certain menswear accessories that made gentlemen of the old look very cool, stylish and hip. It would just be a great idea to have some of them make a comeback.

menswear accessories that should make a comeback


There were lots of menswear accessories and unique styles that made the classic gentlemen of the old very cool, stylish and hip. These gentlemen had their own unique appeal, something that you don’t easily find in most modern men these days. 

However, the Nigerian-American Classic man singer, Jidenna is one modern gentleman who knows how to reinvent the high-class vintage styles of these gentlemen of the old and make it look appealing, timeless and relevant for the modern day.

Hopefully, we will see more and more men going back to the old school era to emulate the styles of these old-school gentlemen starting with the accessories they adorned themselves with back then. It wouldn’t be just a blast from the past; it would be something spectacular, eccentric and visually impressive.

Here are a few of these accessories we feel should definitely make a comeback.


5 Men’s Accessories that Should Make a Comeback

#1: Walking Sticks

menswear accessories that should make a comeback

Yes, a lot of people considered the Walking Sticks to be just an encumbrance and nothing that impressive to begin with. They did look very cool and offered men a sense of stability. In fact, they were very helpful for men of all ages during the bad weather. Some men even used the Walking Sticks to hide their swords inside.

In fact, there were a lot of cane swords that were quite handy during that time. Yes, they were illegal at one point, but the gangster movies do tend to show how amazing these walking sticks were at that time. That being said, having a Walking Stick nowadays is not seen as cool anymore, but hopefully, this trend would come back especially now that a few classic gentlemen have started embracing it.

If you want to stand out from the crowd seamlessly, using a walking stick is the best way to do so. And yes, there are plenty of customizations and ideas that you can opt for, should you want to do such a thing.

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#2: Handkerchiefs

menswear accessories that should make a comeback

Clark Gable offering his handkerchief to a lady 

This is yet another piece that has been lost in time. Although some older men still keep Handkerchiefs as an accessory, the time for using such an item is long gone. Which is a shame, because it was a sense of nobility and value offered by such an item. That being said, each man had two when these were popular. One was for display, and the other one was dedicated to daily use when that was a necessity.

But the primary benefit was that Handkerchiefs showcased how much of a gentleman you were. Having 2 Handkerchiefs was very professional, and it brought in the sense of class. It’s unfortunate that we can’t see something like that anymore. But it goes to show that the experience is there and we can have it back sooner rather than later. Hopefully, this will happen at one point shortly. This is one accessory that should definitely make a comeback.

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#3: Pocket watches

menswear accessories that should make a comeback

We live in an era when pocket watches are nothing more than a collectible. On the other hand, the regular watches are becoming more and more popular. There’s a reason why people don’t use Pocket watches anymore, and this mostly comes from convenience. Using them is not that comfortable, and it can take some time until you open the watch.

With regular watches, you can see the time and then move onward with your day. These watches were also connected to the jacket, which also made the entire process quite cumbersome. Yet despite that, using these watches was a delight, and it’s unlike anything you will use ever again.

Should we bring these back? Absolutely, mainly because they are a blast from the past and they do have an incredible look. They also have that unique ticking sound as well as that impressive look which tend to bring in front a delightful set of results.

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Check out this video:



#4: Hip Flasks

menswear accessories that should make a comeback

Hip Flasks were very popular centuries and even decades ago, but recently their popularity has significantly diminished. And it’s a shame because they are one of the most interesting accessories a man can have. Nothing shows that you are a true man until you get your flash and drink a little bit from it. This goes a long way to show your manliness.

Unfortunately, flasks are not as popular as they used to be. But this still goes to show that using flasks is an outstanding, unique experience and one that does go to show the true value and efficiency offered by the old school accessories.


#5: Spats

menswear accessories that should make a comeback

Spats, a shortening of spatterdashes, or spatter guards are a type of classic footwear accessory for outdoor wear, covering the instep and the ankle.

They were very popular during the 1930s and 1940s but went out of style soon after then. Having shoe covers may not be the best idea nowadays, but it was a sign of power and fashion during the 30s and 40s. It still goes to show that using these covers was and it may still be a very powerful, distinct trend.

However, nowadays we live in a world focused on functionality. So, using this sort of tool is not exactly practical, and it may be unable to come back in trend anytime soon. However, Spats remain in use today as personal protective equipment in certain industries.

menswear accessories that should make a comeback

The classic gentleman – Fred Astaire in Top Hat, Tails and Spats



Will we ever see any of these accessories come back?

Hopefully, this will happen, no one knows when and how these outstanding accessories can regain their popularity. Most of them still have a small yet loyal following. Whether we will be able to see these trending in style, it remains to be seen. But hopefully, this will become a reality sooner rather than later!


Until next time, continue to do well, live well and dress really well. Be Classy!


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