5 Fashion Details Every Stylish Guy Should NEVER Ignore

Anyone can dress up really nice, but not paying attention to some important fashion details can instantly ruin even the most dappest of outfits.

Fashion Details Every Stylish Guy Should NEVER Ignore

Last night, I was browsing through some style pictures on my Instagram feed when I came across the picture of a famous Nigerian celebrity stylist and blogger rocking a nice medium gray suit at an event.

His shirt was a white club collar shirt which he adorned with a silver collar bar and chain and then finished up the look with a nice colorful pocket square that really complemented the outfit.

However, he missed a tiny detail – so tiny but it ruined the entire look and reduced the outfit to a less dapper one.

For some people, maybe they wouldn’t have noticed it. But for any sartorially inclined gentlemen, this fashion sin was easy to spot!

What was his style crime? 

→His trousers puddled over the top of his shoes (over his shoelace). 

Could it be laziness? Ignorance? or simply he didn’t pay attention to the fashion details? I couldn’t really tell which one was his reason.

After looking at the picture for about 10 mins, I began to think about other fashion details every stylish guy should NEVER ignore. There are a lot of them, but I decided to dish out this 5 for a start. You can also check out the 13 qualities that make you a classy gentleman to learn more.

Here are the 5 common mistakes men make that keep them from looking well-dressed.

So I’ll start with the first one…


5 Fashion Details Every Stylish Guy Should NEVER Ignore


1. Allowing your trousers to puddle over shoelaces

Fashion Details Every Stylish Guy Should NEVER Ignore

Making a statement with your clothes can be accomplished in many ways. One way is ensuring you match your suit, shirt, tie and shoe correctly. Another way is making sure that your outfits are well fitted.

However, letting unhemmed or hemmed trousers loosely flow over the top of your shoes is a way of telling the whole world that you are not a man of style. Whatever style of pant you wear, they should never drape down the back of your footwear or puddle over your shoelace. Ensure you choose the appropriate trouser break. Your choice of break must be visually appealing and well fitting.

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2. Ignoring the value of accessories

fashion details every stylish man should never ignore

We’ve said it countless times here on the blog that accessories are the spice of an outfit, and can make even a basic outfit stand out. The most boring looks can be transformed with the help of a few key accessories.

Some men invest in only one hand accessory – the watch and ignore other important accessories for men. If you are one of those guys, well, that watch should be an exceptional timepiece. ‘Cos, a man in a great outfit sabotages the effect with a sad looking or cheap quality wristwatch.

fashion details men should never ignore

You should accessorize your outfit at all times with both basic and colorful accessories. Sometimes colorful accessories are not only for women’s outfits.

Having a lot of ties, bracelets or pocket squares in different colors is a beautiful way to enrich your wardrobe with color. But be careful in the selection of colors, ensure you coordinate them well with your outfit.


3. Leaving labels on your suit jacket sleeves.

Fashion Details Every Stylish Guy Should NEVER Ignore

This is certainly one of the common fashion details most men ignore. It is really distressing when a well-dressed man does not know that he should remove the label on the sleeve of the sleeve of the suit jacket before wearing them.

Designers sometimes put their brand names on suit jacket sleeve especially when the suit is mass produced. You may occasionally notice some ladies wear their heels with labels stamped on the soles.

No matter how well-known a designer is, a tag or label should not be used as an accessory. It should be removed after you’ve purchased it. To remove it safely, you’ll need a seam ripper or a small, sharp pair of scissors but do this very carefully to ensure you don’t actually rip the fabric or neighboring threads.


4. Rolling up shirt cuffs improperly

Fashion Details Every Stylish Guy Should NEVER Ignore

Rolled up sleeves are appropriate when

  • The weather is hot
  • A casual effect is desired
  • To show off your well-toned arms

Believe it or not, there are proper ways to roll cuffs. It all begins by unbuttoning all the buttons and flipping the cuffs back and inside out. Stop there and tuck corners in neatly for a casual forearm roll.

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The master sleeve roll – Fold the cuff to just below the elbow and then rolls from the bottom until it traps the cuff.

The basic turn – this is used when you are engaged in physical labour, rolls the cuff back the width of the cuff and continues to run past the elbow.

Here is a summarized guide from Art of Manliness.

Fashion Details Every Stylish Guy Should NEVER Ignore

5. Putting a lot of stuff in your suit trousers pockets

Fashion Details Every Stylish Guy Should NEVER Ignore

Puttin a bunch of stuff in your trousers pocket distorts the proper shape of your trousers. Dress trousers traditionally have a straight up-and-down slit with little or no hemming to reduce the visual impact.

Keep a few items as possible in your pockets. Overloaded pockets bulge regardless of how well the trousers are tailored.

A suit jacket typically offers ample space to carry small items. Put items like phones and wallet in the inner suit jacket which is built to accommodate a little more. This doesn’t mean you should stuff in your tablet or laptop in your inner suit jacket pocket.



No matter how confident or well dressed a man is, specific fashion details should not be ignored. These ones covered here are the common ones. If you are interested in learning more, you should also check out other unforgivable fashion sins.

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