The 5 Most Common Style Mistakes Men Often Make

The rules of style and dressing could appear simple sometimes, but, there are common style mistakes that could jeopardize your success in your workplace. Read on to learn about these style mistakes and how to avoid them …

common style mistakes

A client of mine hosted a birthday get-together last weekend for his wife and I was invited. At the event, he introduced me to his younger brother who recently got a job in a bank.

He said he wanted me to give him some tips and style advice on how to look good in his new job and also help upgrade his wardrobe with new suits, shoes and complete work clothes and accessories.

We engaged in a brief discussion about his new job and I realized that this was his very first corporate job and he didn’t have many suits. He told me that he only managed to get one black suit which he wore all through the various stages of interview till he finally secured the job.

Lucky Him! How come the interviewers never noticed? Anyway…

Now the day we met for his Style Consultation meeting, I asked him to put on the same outfit he wore all these while he attended the interview just to confirm if it was suitable or if we will need to do a replacement.

My observations: The black suit was not exactly his size, it wasn’t well fitted, he showed me the black socks he wore [a black Nike athletic socks] and an ill-fitting shirt with a Red Tie which clearly would never be referred to as a ” Power Tie“.

In summary, he had adhered to the business/formal dress code as required by his bank, however, there were underlying style mistakes which I was able to spot in his entire look which he didn’t notice even when I asked him to guess what was wrong with the outfit. I made him understand these mistakes and also explained to him that it had to be taken care of if he wants to be taken seriously in his workplace.

Style Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

Now, the truth is…

It’s very easy for anyone to adhere to the dress code which covers what they should wear each day of the week at their workplace. This is because the rule is simple and straight to the point. For example, your HR could say: “YOU SHOULD DRESS IN CORPORATE ATTIRE OR BUSINESS CASUAL EVERYDAY OF THE WEEK“.

Just think about it for a second, when you give everyone the above rule, what mistakes could they possibly make? A lot I assume.

Therefore, it is important that we go a step further in breaking down this rule to ensure every man avoid making style mistakes that could jeopardize their success in the workplace. Here it is: The 5 Most Common Style Mistakes And How To Avoid Them



The 5 Most Common Style Mistakes Men Often Make

1. They would wear ill-fitting SUITS instead of nice well-fitting tailored or Ready-Made SUIT

common style mistakes

If there is one basic rule that we preach about here at MR KOACHMAN, it is that FIT is KING. No matter how beautiful your outfit is, no matter how well you’ve paired up or combined colors in your outfit, if the fit isn’t perfect, you’ve got the whole outfit wrong. However, if you get the fit right, the rest are secondary.


2.  They wear ill-fitting puffy dress shirts instead of nice fitted French Cuff or Single Cuff Dress Shirts

Once again, the fit is very important. The pictures above says it all. Which do you think looks better?


3.  They wear Athletic Socks with Dress Shoe

Avoid wearing athletic socks with dress shoes even if the socks are black, navy blue or gray. Instead, wear appropriate dress socks with your dress shoes.


4.  They wear “Ugly” Overly Pointed SHOES instead of nice Men’s Dress SHOES

Shoes with rubber sole, squared toed and overly pointy toes that turn up at the end do not look stylish. Avoid them at all cost because no one would respect you when you wear them. For alternatives, you should check out the 3 SHOES YOU NEED TO STOP BUYING AND 3 SHOES EVERY GENTLEMAN SHOULD OWN


5.  They would wear Overly Long Trousers

Allowing your suit trousers to flow loosely over the top of your shoes isn’t stylish at all. Your trousers should only touch the top of your shoes with no extra fabric bunching around your shoes. In addition, avoid boot cut trousers. To learn more about other style mistakes to avoid, read Men’s Fashion SINS – The 15 Commandments of Style



Are there mistakes in your outfit that is preventing you from being taken seriously at work. Are there some style mistakes you make that has indirectly prevented you from getting that next promotion. I hope that this article has given you some insight on how to improve your style of dressing. If you need help with your outfits or you want to buy new ones, do contact us or send an email to You could also go to the STYLING SERVICES PAGE to see other services we offer.

If you are serious about improving your sense of style and becoming a classy gentleman, I recommend reading the KOBI KOACHMAN ULTIMATE GUIDE TO MEN’S STYLE | A HANDBOOK FOR THE MODERN GENTLEMAN written by  Kobi O. Mbagwu

common style mistakes

As you all know, you should dress how you want to be addressed and THE FIRST STEP TO BEING RESPECTED IS TO LOOK RESPECTABLE. The competition is stiff, hence you must always find ways to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Making these little changes in your style of dressing is guaranteed to distinguish you from the crowd.

Thanks a lot for stopping by… Until Next Time, Continue to Do Well, Live Well and Dress Really Well. Be Classy!

Yours in Style,

Kobi O. Mbagwu [Mr. Kobi] Founder,
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