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You only have one chance to make a good first impression when you arrive in a vehicle, so make sure that you are driving around in a car that speaks volume about your personality, image and business in a positive way.


Are you in search of that car that is befitting of a stylish gentleman? Are you wondering how you could make a good first impression in a world that judges your personality and your capability based on your appearance as well as your choice of car? Then this article is for you.

American actress Alexandra Paul once said, “The cars we drive says a lot about us”. I’ve heard people say they don’t care what kind of car they drive as long as it’s stable and doesn’t leave them stranded in the middle of the road. They are wrong!!! I think a car is more than just a mechanical contrivance used to convey you from one point to another. The truth is, you can actually know a bit of someone’s personality from the car they drive.

Personally, I do love cars a lot – nice cars, sports cars, fast cars, sleek cars …but more importantly, I love sedans and will always prefer a luxury sedan (e.g. a Mercedes Benz S550) over a luxury Truck (e.g. Toyota Tundra) or a luxury SUV (e.g. Range Rover Sport Autobiography). Why? Cos luxury sedans are more sleek and stylish than SUVs and Trucks. Do you guys agree? I see hands going up!! Okay, lots of hands…Cool!! Cool!


So today, I’ve compiled a list of stylish cars that is befitting of a gentleman. I believe Luxury can be classy, sleek and sexy and that’s how a stylish gentleman’s car should be. Now, I’m not saying you should engage in extravagant spending on luxury, neither am I suggesting that you spend your last dime just to afford one of these cars, cos let’s face the fact, luxury can also be quite expensive.


So to all you stylish gents out there, in case you are wondering what your current car say about you or perhaps you need a new car but don’t know which one to go for that will always stand out. Here are 15 cars that are suitable for any stylish gentleman. Make your choice! If you can’t afford the latest model, don’t stress yourself, simply choose any of the lower models produced within the last 5 years and you are good to go.


15. Toyota Camry or Toyota Avalon

Featured: Toyota Camry 2016 Special Edition
This stylish car is termed “A Camry with extra attitude”. A car that demands respect at every corner. Announce your arrival with style with the 2016 Toyota Camry Special Edition. A car designed for those who dare to be bold, and with its striking hood lines this is one ride that commands attention. It has – An incredibly stylish and rewarding space, an innovative technology that anticipates your needs and a sporty interior which is truly a cockpit ready for the fast lane. This isn’t just a car, this is a ride as bold as the people who drive them.
Starting Price – From $23,070. For more details and pictures, please click HERE.

14. Honda Accord

Featured: Honda Accord Sedan 2016 Sports Edition
This ride is perfect for any stylish gentleman. With refined new styling in the front and the rear, you’ve never seen an Accord that looks like this. The Accord is luxuriously appointed with updated accents and innovative technology.
Starting Price – From $22,205. For more details and pictures, please click HERE.

13. Audi A6

Featured: 2016 Audi A6
The 2016 A6 is surely a classy car that will turn heads around. From the bold look of the available full LED headlights and signature Singleframe® grille to the clean and assertive character lines that define its profile, the A6 commands attention — and keeps it.
Starting Price – From $42,200. For more details and pictures, please click HERE


12. Audi A7

Featured: 2016 Audi A7
The Audi A7 celebrates originality beautifully. Designed with sleek contours, impressive power, luxurious details and enhanced technologies, it’s truly one of a kind. The A7 has undeniable style. It’s expressively sculpted with compelling lines and curves and completely captivates with full LED headlights.
Starting Price – From $68,300. For more details and pictures, please click HERE


11. Audi A8

Featured: 2016 Audi A8
The Audi A8 L knows how to spell luxury with impeccable design, unrivaled accommodations and a commanding presence. Additionally, with 450 horsepower, the A8 L 4.0T Sport is the perfect example of how the best things come in big packages. Look to the bold Singleframe® grille, dynamic profile or signature LED illumination of the A8 L and behold the many faces of beautiful luxury.
Starting Price – From $81,500. For more details and pictures, please click HERE


10. BMW 5 series

Featured: 2016 BMW 5 Series 535i Sedan
The 5 Series Sedan provides the perfect balance of elegant luxury, classic style, and of course, sporty performance. It’s highly regarded for its refined styling and innovative technology features. Introduced for the 1972 model year, the midsize 5 Series has long offered a near-perfect blend of performance, luxury and interior room. It’s no exaggeration to say that the BMW 5 Series sets the standard for premium sport sedans.

With the addition of the unique Gran Turismo, both body styles offer intelligent appointments, outstanding comfort, and exceptionally handsome looks perfect for the discerning driver. In addition to impressive elegance and performance, this vehicle has a range of diverse qualities that makes it indispensable in everyday use.
Starting Price – From $50,200. For more details and pictures, please click HERE


9. BMW 7 series

Featured : 2016 BMW 7 Series 750i Sedan
BMW’s most innovative sedan sets the standard for the future of luxury without sacrificing an ounce of performance. The all-new BMW 7 Series reaches new altitudes in technology, comfort, and performance while integrating them seamlessly into a luxury experience for both drivers and passengers. With more innovations than any other car in its class and a wealth of athleticism, the 7 Series effortlessly takes the pole position for the future of luxury travel.

While sheer size gives the 7 Series the appearance of a straight-line power-hungry beast, radical engineering provides this luxury sedan with a level of overall performance that puts most coupes to shame. Its revolutionary lightweight Carbon Core creates a lower center of gravity to improve agility, while a 445-hp V8 TwinPower Turbo engine powers this beast to a not so subtle class-leading 0-60 time of only 4.3 seconds.
Starting Price – From $81,300. For more details and pictures, please click HERE

8. Land Rover Discovery

Featured: 2016 Land Rover LR4 SUV
The Discovery is the perfect premium vehicle for people who enjoy living an active lifestyle to the full. Authenticity is sought out these days, and few luxury SUVs are more authentic than the Land Rover LR4. Land Rover created its first SUV in 1948, the jungle-bashing Series I, and just a year later it created a leather-lined version. While it may not have been up to the modern-day LR4’s standards (the heater was considered a luxury add-on), the die was cast. To this day, Land Rovers give their occupants the ability to traverse third-world terrain in first-world comfort. Versatile and capable enough for your greatest adventures.
Starting Price – From $62,000. For more details and pictures, please click HERE

7. Range Rover Sport


Featured: 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport 4dr SUV
Termed as the most agile and dynamic Land Rover. Stylish, athletic and luxurious, with an optional third-row seat and fuel powertrain to boot, the 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Sport is a well-rounded premium SUV.
Starting Price – From $75,400. For more details and pictures, please click HERE

6. Range Rover – Autobiography

Featured: 2016 Land Rover Range Rover Autobiography
The pinnacle of refined capability. Sophisticated and modern, this is a Range Rover with peerless characteristics from a unique lineage. When introduced 45 years ago, it changed the way the world went off-road. Over the years, it has come to represent the very pinnacle of celebrated British Design. Refinement is inherent in Range Rover. It is beautifully appointed and thoughtfully designed to cocoon and give a sense of calm and luxurious comfort. From the most demanding and inhospitable terrains to negotiating rush hour city traffic, Range Rover delivers a relaxed, intuitive and rewarding drive. This is the only vehicle you will ever need.
Starting Price – From $143,700. For more details and pictures, please click HERE


5. Mercedes GL SUV (GL350 BlueTEC, GL450 4MATIC, GL550 4MATIC or AMG GL63)

Featured: 2015 Mercedes-Benz GL-Class GL63 AMG 4dr SUV
When you measure what matters, no full-size SUV goes to greater lengths.
Designed for comfort. Built for strength. Acclaimed for everything.
The deep values of the GL define its shape, and its shape defies every limitation of large SUVs. Aerodynamic and athletic outside, it’s advanced and accommodating inside. From its sporty grille to substantial wheels to its sleek tail, every element of the GL comes together to create an award-winning, truly fulfilling, full-size SUV. Spacious, special and especially welcoming.
Starting Price – From $64,550. For more details and pictures, please click HERE

4. Mercedes Benz C Class (C300 or AMG C63)

Featured: 2016 Mercedes-Benz C-Class AMG C63 S Sedan

Poised, precise and powerful. It’s not just powerful. It’s positively motivational. How it moves is also how it moves you. It’s exceptionally sleek yet subtly elegant. Generous with space and safety, yet fun, agile and efficient. From the Star in its grille to the sculpture of its tail lamps, it’s a shape that sets a benchmark for luxury sport sedans. And in both luxury and sportiness, the experience upholds everything its style promises.
Starting Price – From $65,250. For more details and pictures, please click HERE


3. Mercedes Benz E Class (E350 or E63 AMG)

Featured: 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class AMG E63 4MATIC S-Model Sedan
This car is an absolute monster, and yet still has the refined touch of luxury and comfort you would expect from a Mercedes-built vehicle. The ride acts like a role model and looks like a supermodel. It´s instantly recognizable. And it looks, feels and performs like nothing else. That’s the E-Class magic. Bold Sport Sedans that proudly wear the Star in their grille. Luxury Sedans that are at equally elegant and exuberant. True to their iconic form, every E is defined as much by its sculpted physique as the visionary innovation within. From best-in-class efficiency to class-leading acceleration, the E-Class has the power to motivate your spirit and your senses. Advanced engine technology pioneered by Mercedes-Benz helps turn less fuel into more torque.
Starting Price – From $101,700. For more details and pictures, please click HERE

2. Mercedes Benz G Class SUV (G550, AMG G63 SUV or AMG G65 SUV)

Featured: 2016 Mercedes-Benz G-Class G550 4dr SUV

The square root of legendary design. Created to conquer challenges on six continents, the 37-year evolution of the G-Class keeps elevating the pinnacle of refinement. From its advanced lighting to its classic upright shape, its purposeful elegance is both unmistakable and irrefutable. Every surface of the G-Class reflects its confident capability on any surface of the earth.
Starting Price – From $119,900. For more details and pictures, please click HERE

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1. Mercedes Benz S Class (S550 or S65 AMG)

Featured: 2016 Mercedes-Benz S-Class S65 AMG
Now this is my favorite, termed the “Essence of Luxury”.  Mercedes Benz, a leader in luxury, performance and safety — and of an entire industry. Elegant, in everything it does. For generations, an S-Class Sedan has been instantly recognizable not just for its iconic design, but for predicting the future of the automobile. Strong, powerful and majestic, it’s also sleek, lithe and the most athletic S-Class yet. It slips through the wind with quiet ease, yet stands out in any crowd. In fact, it stands above. Starting Price – From $224,650. For more details and pictures, please click HERE



There is always a car for you in the list but be careful not to spend more than what you can truly afford, if you are not yet ready for a Mercedes Benz, why don’t you go for a nice sleek Toyota car.

If you can’t afford any of them yet, let this list motivate you to work harder and earn better so you can actually own one of these luxury rides in a very short while.

My personal favorite brand is Mercedes Benz, I must confess the feel of driving a Mercedes Benz is different from any other car I’ve driven. I look forward to owning the first one on the list, how about you? Let me hear your own story, which of these cars is your favorite, if you already own any of them,  please share your experience driving it. And if there is any car you feel is missing in the list that an above average gentleman who isn’t yet a billionaire can afford 🙂 , please feel free to share also. If these cars are too small for you, why don’t you check out THE KOBI KOACHMAN GUIDE | 10 BEST LUXURY CAR BRANDS.

Until next time gentlemen…Continue to Do Well, Live Well and Dress Very Well. Be Stylish!

Yours in Style,

Kobi O. Mbagwu (Mr. Kobi)
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